Pisces Pacing a New Era

12th House of the Zodiac, PISCES - Feb. 19 - Mar.20 **** Stabilization is the theme heading into the second quarter of 2021. But what stability looks like to some, can look totally different to others — hence life is a state of constant motion as we learn on University Planet Earth. From Aquarius Season … Continue reading Pisces Pacing a New Era

Aquarius Making an Assessment

11th House of the Zodiac, AQUARIUS - Jan. 20 - Feb. 19 **** Whether refreshing the current news on Youtube, IG discovery page, or from traditional news outlets, most reactionary responses in real-time for the January 6th insurrection were — “Is this, really happening?!” but also, “How…is this happening.”  In the first two weeks of … Continue reading Aquarius Making an Assessment

Sagittarius Seeing Past the Illusion

9th House of the Zodiac, SAGITTARIUS — Nov. 21 — Dec. 21 **** The results of the 2020 US presidential election is the zenith in a year of astrological phenomenas. While experiencing Mercury going direct in Libra the same week as the election, any person that gives an ounce of concern regarding the future of … Continue reading Sagittarius Seeing Past the Illusion

Scorpio Spinning a New Narrative

8th House of the Zodiac, SCORPIO — Oct. 22 — Nov. 21 **** Just like Geminis at 9.3%, Scorpios at 9.6% make up the most common zodiac sign in the US —they get a bad rep due to people associating their moment of consummation happening around Valentine’s Day…this may or may not be true. However … Continue reading Scorpio Spinning a New Narrative

Capricorn in the Tunnel of Chaos

10th House of the Zodiac, CAPRICORN - Dec. 21 - Jan. 19 **** By following the breadcrumbs and seeing the writing on the digital wall from my Astro files posts, I’m sure one would have been able to confer that the year always ends and begins in the 10th house of Capricorn. If I wasn’t … Continue reading Capricorn in the Tunnel of Chaos

Scorpio’s Divine Architectural Symmetry

It has been a successful revolution accounting for all 12 houses of the zodiac! Thank you so much for those who have read my zodiac posts since their creation one year ago. I appreciate the support and hope to be able to continue creating relevant content for those curious eyes that seek insights into astrology. … Continue reading Scorpio’s Divine Architectural Symmetry

Libra Living in the Literary Landscape Dream

7th House of the Zodiac, LIBRA - Sept. 23 - Oct. 22 **** Libra season comes in with the month’s momentum revving at high octane. The Fall Equinox (initiating the first day of Autumn) on September 21st will feel infectious and palpable as everyone will be excited for the seasons to be changing, finally… As … Continue reading Libra Living in the Literary Landscape Dream