Cancer Cycling on the Covid Current

4th House of the Zodiac, CANCER — June 21 — July 22 **** Emotions running full steam ahead pre and post-Summer Solstice since the can of covid-19 worms has been officially unleashed. All bets are off the table thinking society will return to normal any time soon. International travel to the US is still banned … Continue reading Cancer Cycling on the Covid Current

Scorpio’s Divine Architectural Symmetry

It has been a successful revolution accounting for all 12 houses of the zodiac! Thank you so much for those who have read my zodiac posts since their creation one year ago. I appreciate the support and hope to be able to continue creating relevant content for those curious eyes that seek insights into astrology. … Continue reading Scorpio’s Divine Architectural Symmetry

Virgo Shaping Up the Vibe

6th House of the Zodiac, VIRGO - August 23 - Sept. 22 **** As the intensity of summer begins to wain just as the shading of autumn leaves appear on trees, we close summer wanting to focus and reinvent ourselves before cooler days arrive. Having Virgo positioned at the end of August helps ground the … Continue reading Virgo Shaping Up the Vibe

Leo’s Moonlit Prowls

5th House of the Zodiac, LEO - July 23 - August 22 **** The end of July will have stability becoming more prominent as the eventuality of time moves closer to August. As the dust begins to settle from this past Cancer season, with Mercury and Jupiter going direct, this new profound energy will have … Continue reading Leo’s Moonlit Prowls

Convening in Cancer’s Shadowy Curve

4th House of the Zodiac, CANCER - June 21 - July 22 (Warning: I am going to admit with given circumstances in my own lived experiences with Cancerean individuals, this post has been very challenging to reflect positively on. Within close proximity, I have bared the brute force of the shadowy combative aspect of this … Continue reading Convening in Cancer’s Shadowy Curve

Aries’ Agreements

1st House of the Zodiac, ARIES - Mar. 21 - Apr. 19 **** The wheel of fortune has just completed its yearly revolution around the sun! The Spring Equinox on March 21st takes place in the first house of the zodiac, Aries, the cardinal fire sign initiating the beginning of a new zodiac year. Ever … Continue reading Aries’ Agreements

Capricorn’s Dwellings

cThat’s a wrap! 2018 is officially OVER. So wipe that sweat of your brow, give yourself a pat on the back, because your hard work prevailed this year - due to it being a year of firsts, risks, and restarts. And to celebrate, what better zodiac sign to show you how to end the year by going out with a bang and beginning the new year like a champ? Oh don’t be so bashful Capricorn! We know your “work hard, play hard” motto all too well!

Design for Your Sign — Sagittarius

A collaborative zodiac driven piece covering a monthly installment of interior design and what Sagittarius would gravitate towards and flow well with in their home. This was written in conjunction with Diana Verduzco and was originally posted on her site. **** 9th House of the Zodiac, SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 - Dec. 21 POOF! With a blink of … Continue reading Design for Your Sign — Sagittarius

Design for Your Sign — Scorpio

A collaborate piece, derivative of the zodiac sign, Scorpio and and inspiring a monthly interior design perspective. This article was written in tandem with the lovely, Diana Verduzco  and was originally posted on her site. **** 8th House of the Zodiac, SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 21 Welcome to the water sign stationed at the heart of autumn … Continue reading Design for Your Sign — Scorpio