Pisces Pacing a New Era

12th House of the Zodiac, PISCES – Feb. 19 – Mar.20 **** Stabilization is the theme heading into the second quarter of 2021. But what stability looks like to some, can look totally different to others — hence life is a state of constant motion as we learn on university planet Earth. From Aquarius Season […]

Aquarius Making an Assessment

11th House of the Zodiac, AQUARIUS – Jan. 20 – Feb. 19 **** Whether refreshing the current news on Youtube, IG discovery page, or from traditional news outlets, most reactionary responses in real-time for the January 6th insurrection were — “Is this, really happening?!” but also, “How…is this happening.”  In the first two weeks of […]

Capricorn Committed to the Outcome

10th House of the Zodiac, CAPRICORN – Dec. 21 – Jan. 20 **** On the heels of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020, the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter harmonize in Aquarius at 0°. This rare event sets the official wheels in motion for the Age of Aquarius, initializing the end of a […]

Sagittarius Seeing Past the Illusion

9th House of the Zodiac, SAGITTARIUS — Nov. 21 — Dec. 21 **** The results of the 2020 US presidential election is the zenith in a year of astrological phenomenas. While experiencing Mercury going direct in Libra the same week as the election, any person that gives an ounce of concern regarding the future of […]

Scorpio Spinning a New Narrative

8th House of the Zodiac, SCORPIO — Oct. 22 — Nov. 21 **** Just like Geminis at 9.3%, Scorpios at 9.6% make up the most common zodiac sign in the US —they get a bad rep due to people associating their moment of consummation happening around Valentine’s Day…this may or may not be true. However […]

Libra Leveraging the Cosmic Realign

7th House of the Zodiac, LIBRA — Sept. 22 — Oct. 21 **** The transmigratory portal which opens on the Fall Equinox sets the stage for renewed fervor as we channel a lighthearted approach through Libra season. Just like everything else that is abnormal about 2020, moments of shock and awe generated by planetary clashes […]

Virgo Navigating the Virus Vortex

6th House of the Zodiac, VIRGO — Aug. 22 — Sept. 21 **** As we approach Virgo Season at the end of August, our mentality shifts into this earth sign’s house for the next several weeks, adopting a more calculated stance for timely affairs — yielding both positive and negative outcomes. Earth signs as a […]

Leo Learning to take Note of the Details

5th House of the Zodiac, LEO — July 23 — Aug. 22 **** Our strength to continue the political activism with covid-19 into the long summer months, with vitalized fatigue will remain a mystery to us all for years to come. Being under immense pressure, we’re all turning into the rare gems that the universe […]

Cancer Cycling on the Covid Current

4th House of the Zodiac, CANCER — June 21 — July 22 **** Emotions running full steam ahead pre and post-Summer Solstice since the can of covid-19 worms has been officially unleashed. All bets are off the table thinking society will return to normal any time soon. International travel to the US is still banned […]

Gemini Galvanizing in the Streets

3rd House of the Zodiac, GEMINI — May 21 — June 20 **** The romanticization of covid-19 comes to a dead stop on May 25th, 2020, with the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When the sun transitions into Gemini Season on the 21st, events begin unraveling quickly in the US as we get […]

Taurus Tenuously Turning Back Time

2nd House of the Zodiac, TAURUS — Apr. 20 — May 20 **** By not taking the effrontery approach to covid-19 in April, we’re all in the routine of diligently washing our hands, wearing masks and staying home on our zoom calls leading us to believe that the light at the end of the tunnel […]

Aries Ramming into Action

1st House of the Zodiac, ARIES – Mar. 20 — Apr. 19 **** The first month of the pandemic has everyone embodying Aries’ Martian fighting spirit at the turning point of the Spring Equinox. Fighting, that is, over toilet paper… Needless to say, the first official month of lockdown mandates in the United States have […]

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