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Pisces Pacing a New Era

12th House of the Zodiac, PISCES – Feb. 19 – Mar.20 **** Stabilization is the theme heading into the second quarter of 2021. But what stability looks like to some, can look totally different to others — hence life is a state of constant motion as we learn on University Planet Earth. From Aquarius Season … Continue reading Pisces Pacing a New Era

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minou by moj

This collection of jewelry and fruit preserves represent the discovery and healing of ancestral lineages and the interwoven trajectory of the future. Minou means paradise. Find and create your paradise, on your terms.

Every piece in this collection is a one-off original piece fabricated with readymade materials and is meant for everyday wear. All seasonal preserves are limited quantity. Everything is made with love. Please see inquiry options below and follow @shop.minou on IG.

Minou Morabāh: Hachiya Persimmon & Mexican Vanilla Jam

Seasonal preserves are upon us, and the first Home-grown Hachiya Persimmon & Mexican Vanilla batch of jam is ready to ship! After picking the persimmons in late November 2021, the fruit has been ripening these past several weeks, allowing for the astringency to reduce and soften to the optimal consistency. Persimmons along with coffee, tea, chocolate and wine are naturally abundant in tannins – giving it the delicious texture and taste we all yearn for. The combination of spice and warmth are the perfect spread over toast or as a marinade for all seasons, but especially during these chilly days of winter. Our seasonal preserves come with a lot of care and dedication supporting the fruit trees harvest throughout the year. As always we’ve: pH tested, sanitized, canned with recycled jars and pasteurized another of our family favorites. Come check out more details on what spices are in this special jam on Etsy.

Minou Morabāh: Sweet Lemon Poppyseed Marmalade

Come savor the latest garden pickings we’ve blended together to satiate a one of a kind flavor. Our sweet lemon marmalade with roasted poppyseed and fresh lavender feels like returning home. Our seasonal preserves come with a lot of care and dedication supporting the fruit trees harvest throughout the year. After the test batch, we realized we designed a classic. As always we’ve: pH tested, sanitized, canned with recycled jars and pasteurized another of our family favorites. Come see more details on Etsy.

Terminal Chain Clamps

A fun, new Minou design utilizing recycled positive and negative electrical terminal clamps. The Terminal Chain Clamps is constructed out of glass beads, Pyrite beads, Labradorite chips, Rose Quartz chips and wooden beads and is a multi-functioning accessory that can be used to fasten your mask or for nipple play – that which I left up to the imagination. This is the first of its kind and will be prototyping more to come. The base chain is made with copper wiring for a sleek, clean aesthetic. Come see on Etsy.

Everlast Wrap Necklace

The jewelry piece meant to outlast the rest of your collection — Vini in the delicately balanced, yet sturdy 42-inch Everlast wrap necklace constructed from brown soft suede and copper wire-wrapped, tumbled aquamarine gemstones. Aquamarine with its calming, celestial hues evokes truth and trusting in letting go. Mythology states, sailors used aquamarine as a talisman for good luck and in enhancing bravery to protect them on their seafaring journeys as it is a gemstone connected to all things consumed with the ocean and its magnetic ties to the moon. Aquamarine aides in supporting the Vishuddha chakra. If needed, it can help to overcome throat chakra blockages in confrontation, as aquamarine gently assists in minimizing the fear of speaking and reinforces clear reasoning — perfect for when Mercury retrograde makes its quarterly debut. Wrap around once, loop through or tie in a knot, the Everlast is a one-size fits all necklace. Available.

Minou Morabāh: Mulberry Jam

Our very own home-grown mulberry lemon cayenne jam is finally here. Excited to be sharing the first of seasonal jams to come from our very own garden. Morabāh means jam in Farsi. With the end of the summer 2021 weeping mulberry harvest coming to a close, we cooked, pH tested, sanitized, canned with recycled jars and pasteurized one of our family favorites. All ingredients are natural and contain no pectin. Giving back is one of our core fundamentals. With the continued humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, all sales will be directly donated to three organizations helping out Afghan women, girls and children. In order to purchase, DM a screenshot of your donation with your name for $15 ($8 for jam and $7 for shipping) to @shop.minou on Instagram to either of these three organizations we support: Women for Afghan Women (WAW), Women’s Regional Network and Afghan Friends Network. Shipment only available in the United States. Update: 1 jar remaining, please make a donation to support Afghan women, girls and children.

Tierra Firma Choker

12-inch cooper wired band with a 2-inch copper fastener. Honey-toned Tiger’s Eye gemstone chips intermittently strung with spherical up-cycled wooden beads create the look for the Tierra Firma Choker aka, the “Solid Earth” Choker. Available.

Harvest Moon Necklace

18-inch braided, up-cycled electrical cable necklace fabricated with a 2-inch copper fastener. The Harvest Moon Necklace constructed out of a carrot-hued electrical cable is the everyday wear piece for humanity. It’s warm hue brings a pop of edge-y color to life under the luminosity of the full moons in October 2020. Available.

Kasbah Collar

Is 13.5-inches with a copper wired band including a 2-inch copper fastener.  Feel the protection that this collar “forstress” has to offer. Strung with indigo beads and turquoise chips and tiger’s eye chips — the Kasbah will aide in calming and reducing stress and revitalizing your willpower, courage and self-confidence resources. Available.

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A long-form writing sample discussing the link between emotions and decision-making in consumer spending. When we perceive a buying situation to be completely rational, subconsciously it is much more than that.



Two short-form writing sample pieces for email marketing and site navigation windows.