Taurus Tenuously Turning Back Time

2nd House of the Zodiac, TAURUS — Apr. 20 — May 20


By not taking the effrontery approach to covid-19 in April, we’re all in the routine of diligently washing our hands, wearing masks and staying home on our zoom calls leading us to believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is soon approaching. We’re on top of it — as though it seems… But before we can bask in the warmth of the sun’s embrace that is already thawing the foliage in our natural world, our chance to set the clock straight is whisked away before we can get out ahead of it. Our detriment during Taurus season convinces us that when we enter the zodiac sign of Gemini, our confidence and patience are in alignment of society’s safety routines and that we have the virus under control.


To be honest, while the Sun is in Taurus we are actually feeling quite content with ourselves as we live through the coronavirus crisis. We are home, dedicated to doing our part to save lives all from our personal comfort zones. And our efforts to flatten the curve are beginning to pay off as we embody the Taurean personality traits of getting the job done, having persistence and patience. The Bull’s endgame is wanting the fruits of their labors to fecund, and envisioning us all luxuriating in the pleasures of great food, drink and company by summer. 


Symbol: Bull

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Mantra: “I Have”



The Venus brainchild that is Taurus is indubitably the comfort queen/king. They get their boost in life from materialistic fineries and their stubbornness guarantees that their standards never dip below the best. The bedrock of the Taurus personality is comprised of two modes: lazily in contentment or raging bull, and often its hard to decipher which is active. Taurus as an earth sign works diligently to pay for their indulgences whether it be, head-banging stage front at a concert, whipping up something delicious in the kitchen or adding beautiful embellishments to their homes. 


These gods and goddesses that have the pleasure of calling the Venusian planet their home, are often showing others in the zodiac how we’re capable of tapping into our open heartspaces or truly exhibit how to be locked out of them. If it weren’t for Venus the planet of love, where would we all be? In the simplest of terms, Venus often represents the idea of how we attract love and money into our surroundings. However, depending on its placement in one’s natal chart it can signify much more than that. As the Roman legend goes, Venus and Adonis were lovers. Venus the goddess of love received a vision in a dream that Adonis, a dashing young hunter, was going to be killed while out on a hunt. When Venus presented Adonis with this dream admonition, his ignorance got the best of him and choosing to disregard Venus cost him his life. During a hunt, his mortality was decided upon at the receiving end of a wild boar’s tusks. 


What’s uncanny about this mythology heavily associates often with what Taurus struggles with when their stubbornness overrides all their other amazing qualities especially — listening to their heart.  In medical astrology, Taurus rules: the neck, throat, shoulders and ears which are often related to the Vishuddha chakra — throat chakra. If you kept up with my Astro Files posts, you’d remember that I spoke about Taurus & Their Anahata(heart chakra) being their strongest yet weakest asset. When emotional blockages and imbalances happen in the Anahata, physiologically they manifest in the neck, throat, shoulders and ears. Typically the most cutting being in the throat — as it is a vessel to vocalize our thoughts and sentiments. When Taurus is enraged in their ego and can’t find their way back to their heart center, it can lead them to saying some pretty unforgiving, unforgettable and insensitive things.


Needless to say, we all have this within us. But how would Taurus, a fixed unwavering sign that rules the throat, be able to challenge this when they are often so averse to change when their attachments rely heavily on fixations of ideas, people or things? Finding inner harmony and not just surrounding themselves with beauty and refinement comes as a burden that some are just not willing to bare. With as much patience and methodical planning Taurus has toward external situations, putting in the internal work to break cycles is one of their greatest endeavors. As Venus represents resources in the 2nd house, Taurus when serious can pull these things together and have the ability to bring effective change to their mental body and physical environment. When open to receiving life’s lessons and having the compassion to accept their negative personality traits (versus completely denying their existence), Taurus will then be guided to making themselves happy in order to live in a happy world. Once Taurus switches the dial from material abundance to spiritual abundance, will they begin to understand the value of sharing their resources/spiritual gifts with others in a loving and generous manner as it will be the gift that keeps on giving.


As we live through covid-19 we realize that the world is not a happy place. When forced to stay in one spot does it truly get one to recognize the flaws within the system, the traditional work environment and oneself. In attempt to turn back the negative effects of covid-19, our expectations to meet the reality of the talking heads leading the forces to combat the virus, begins to exercise its restraint of going with the flow. That is due to one of this year’s major planetary shifts taking place in Uranus, as it moves into Taurus on May 15th, 2020. The natural ruling planet for the zodiac sign of Aquarius, is the foreseer of change, creative commotion, innovation, breakages and awakenings.  However, if you’ve taken anything away thus far from what I have mentioned about Taurus is that they are creatures of comfort who are averse to change. When a transit happens in Taurus, it compounds the associations we have to wealth, resources, how we build, how we maintain fertility that brings grounding stability to our lives. Uranus wants to uproot and wreck our daily lives — something that the virus is already chipping away at, but, Uranus wants to put a dynamite on that and watch it rain sparks. Hoping the embers that fall to the ground fertilize the earth and break us from our routines that no longer serve us. As if the pandemic hadn’t already given us a head start on the Uranus in Taurus transit, our confrontation to doing something different, taking those risks and disrupting our fears of failure will give us new found optimism that we can begin again. It’s not going to be the easiest endeavor to face, as Taurus’ stubbornness is going to resist but we have to try. Hence collectively through the cosmos change is in the air and its here to stay.

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