Capricorn in the Tunnel of Chaos

10th House of the Zodiac, CAPRICORN – Dec. 21 – Jan. 19


By following the breadcrumbs and seeing the writing on the digital wall from my Astro files posts, I’m sure one would have been able to confer that the year always ends and begins in the 10th house of Capricorn. If I wasn’t ominously conveying what was to come in 2020 enough, be warned, things are going to get seriously weird and heavy… — so don’t think for a second that this year’s momentary shift of New Year’s celebrations will alleviate or hide the saturnine karmic energy that rules the last earth sign of the zodiac. Just when we think we can stumble over our goals in a mad dash into January, the Cappy energy will be undoubtably forcing us to thoroughly hone in on our expectations for the year — which we will all be reevaluating honestly by June 2020…


The meticulous G.O.A.T. boss vibes know that wanting to click our little Capricorn hooves, I mean heels together… is not enough magic for one to wish away the issues that we will be facing as a global race together at the end of December 2019. What helps best in a high-stressed situations is to consult a resident pragmatic worrywart (just kidding…, Capricorn). In actuality, the best way to see the extremes of how a scenario can pan out is by engaging with someone that is detailed on the facts, has developed some mature insights and can lead you to following your better judgement call. Capricorn is the loyal companion providing deep, unwavering and personal opinions about one’s situation that will make others take a step back and say, “Wow, you actually listen to me!”  The mantra is: Capricorn knows best. And this is true for themselves and those that they keep nearest and dearest to their hearts (of course, once you get past the permafrost as it may seem daunting at first). 


One can probably be asking themselves at this exact moment, “How bad will it be?” In all honestly, pretty bad. Never fear, as it will all make sense in due time. Remember how I spoke about Jupiter entering Capricorn in the Sagittarius Striding into an Intelligible Escape post? Well, guess which other planets that have heavy impactful life lessons behind them will also be in Capricorn? Hold on tight, because we have: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and the Sun! This rare event when there are three planets or more in a particular zodiac sign at a time is called a Stellium. During the last couple weeks of December and going into January, all these planets will have the emulation of Capricornian seriousness and tenable principles heightening their planetary influences. As Mercury is only in a zodiac sign for a few weeks, it’s communication aspect will be enhanced with laconic, meticulous usage. Jupiter the planet of luck and learning, will be taking a more pragmatic and dry approach to once largesse gestures to life. Saturn retrograding back into Capricorn will be playing up it’s usual bouts of karmic wisdom to test us with our life lessons learned thus far in it’s home sign. While, Pluto, the planet of power and destruction (who has been in Capricorn since 2008), is holding the transformative energy together in breaking down the old systems of rulership that we have been experiencing for the past decade. So if you’re wondering why you’ve been able to handle this nightmarish existential energy thus far, this is it!!! The last time in history there was a Capricorn Stellium was in the winter of 1989. Those born during a Capricorn Stellium are known to be “old when they’re young and young when they’re old.” So if you are born with a Stellium in your natal chart, chances are when they begin to transit into other zodiac signs their impacts will be long felt. 


Life is going to get arduous, but the grounding sign of Capricorn will get us through our toughest days and it will show us that staying focus toward our goals will reap the most beautiful awards we have yet to be blissed with. Channel in what needs to stay and what needs to leave from your life going into 2020.

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