Capricorn Committed to the Outcome

10th House of the Zodiac, CAPRICORN – Dec. 21 – Jan. 20


On the heels of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020, the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter harmonize in Aquarius at 0°. This rare event sets the official wheels in motion for the Age of Aquarius, initializing the end of a 200 year cycle. When this astronomical occasion shifts the narrative in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn, our ability to see where we as individuals stand relative to the collective materializes just as we transform from season to season.  

Saturn and Jupiter unionizing in Aquarius is an energizing feeling separating us from the long brumal nights of December, as we yearn for expansion from Jupiter, and karmic cleansing from Capricorn. As mirthful as the ether can portray itself at this time, the holidays are typically a challenging time for many. The Great Shift is the dawning of a new era in orchestrating the final days of the Age of Pisces. The last conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter happened during the Protestant Reformation of 1517 — when Europe woke up to the fact that the church wasn’t the only moral authority for spiritual attainment, and being participatory in it wasn’t necessary — the church considered this to be a dangerous path for society.


Symbol: The Sea Goat

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Mantra: “I Use”

Feminine — Negative   


Ultimately with increased education and global literacy rates, that idea ceases to be the case…and thank evolution for that. Imagining a world lacking in intellectual and cultural proliferation where we continue to be under the lens of organized religion is discussion topic for another day… 


In traditional astrology, Saturn has holdings in Aquarius. As more planets move out of Earth signs in 2021, our ability to reshape and utilize the Saturnian energy of knowing our own limitation, time restriction, boundaries and responsibilities, welcomes in and accepts more input and perspectives from others. Saturn in Aquarius is collecting all the data — using up all that mental capacity for fresh ideas with endless possibilities, and channels it through grounded, pragmatic Saturn. The union of Saturn in Aquarius brings forth the visions of humanity’s future with meticulous outward motion. Reaching beyond our limitations is encouraged as people will be more subconsciously willing to meet us halfway — engaging the community and networking aspect of Aquarius. 

Taking ancient wisdom in creating a new hybrid of how to work together in our current systems and institutions will have the effect of, those that are weak will fade and break away, others that can uphold this new shift will continue to build alongside with us. This future looks brighter of the many infinite realities that can manifest…but is all this just wishful thinking? To prophesize that individuals step outside of their own self-interest and objectives and idealistically help one another within the collective prevail? 


The truth is, not everyone is ready to come toward the edge and inherit this new mindset. It will take many people to adopt this new perspective the full duration of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius (or beyond) — which on average is about 2.5 years in each zodiac sign. Individuals have different vantages points from their natal charts— exhibiting a nature versus nurture quality to experiencing life. Some respect themselves enough after one specific lesson learned, others like to recreate the same lesson in different forms multiple times over, often, out of lack of self-respect or inability to see the nuance of the lesson being taught. Saturn in Aquarius will be more forgiving than when it was in Capricorn, in that, Aquarius having a penchant for learning other’s perspectives will understand that after collecting everyone’s opinion, no one knows what we’re doing on this hot little rock in this quarter of the Milky Way. Saturn in Aquarius reemphasizes wanting to leave situations better than how we found them. Having the childlike curiosity of the eternal student with Jupiter in Aquarius, our willingness to make mistakes, to fail and rise again, will be abetted by our support systems. 


Remember and keep close, those that have always been loyal to your vision — even when your ideas aren’t fully developed and you can’t visualize them yet — but they can see its potential. And when you can, do the same in return. As all things under Father Time’s watch, its full steam ahead.

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