Libra Living in the Literary Landscape Dream

7th House of the Zodiac, LIBRA – Sept. 23 – Oct. 22


Libra season comes in with the month’s momentum revving at high octane. The Fall Equinox (initiating the first day of Autumn) on September 21st will feel infectious and palpable as everyone will be excited for the seasons to be changing, finally… As part of the cardinal sign duty of welcoming in the new seasons, Libra greeting fall, channels this established energy from Virgo (the sign before), and allows it to blossom into autumnal bliss before the-end-of-the-year chaos ensues.


The Libran scales of justice are in a constant state of adjustment dealing with flux whenever it arrives, maintaining peace and harmony within their surroundings. There’s a paradigm shift that takes place at this time of year in the 7th House of Libra. This is due to the impact of how the first six zodiac signs represent relation to the self, while the last six focus on contact with others within the world. Librans are in the cardinal square of change with Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer, extending the torch of diplomacy and conflict-free behavior wherever they wander. Libras are the loving and romantic ones of the air sign element trio which includes Aquarius and Gemini who operate more off of mental stimuli. Those who have a Sun, Moon, Rising, or strong natal chart influences in Libra have the planet Venus as their ruler, making them prone to Venusian tendencies in the masculine form of the planet. Librans L-O-V-E partnership. So much so, it even can be to the point of codependency in it’s most severe cases. Libra is the bridge between the individual and the partnership, so when the Fall Equinox forms at this junction, everything meets in a dramatic fashion — I mean, c’mon, it’s in the air; everyone is feeling it. Libras loathe being alone and put high values on their partnerships exhibiting fair-mindedness and social cooperation. That is why diplomacy is used as a single word to describe what the scales want from life. If you have a cause worth fighting, Libra is down for your cause. Always wanting to advocate for the underdog, Libra can get caught up siding with total strangers and often listen to their strong sense of intuition. 


The atrophy in Libra’s personality initiates when they begin to mimic and imitate the behaviors of those they are influenced and impressed by, or those that they trust and sympathize. It can be to the point where they are completely led astray by those that they love. What makes the scales tick is wherein they are disregarded or they are not consulted on a matter. They are susceptible when their impartiality is taken for granted and under utilized while they expect generosity to be a reciprocated given. There isn’t that much negativity associated with Librans in general, due to them having balance as their main objective — tipping the scales isn’t within their best interests. The only significant life lesson that ties into other facets of their not-so-desired Venusian traits (if not learned properly) that can lead to Libra’s complete downfall would be their inability to accept criticism. Criticism can be a challenge for anyone in the zodiac. For Libra however, the issue is magnified when they yield to those that prey on their sympathy because they cannot handle the blunt words of true friends. It can lead to a warped sense of judgement that their intuition cannot ultimately save them from due to their inclined impulse towards slight injustices causing riffs between them and others involved. That is why Libra can be a tricky zodiac placement when imbalanced and essentially becoming a catch-22.


Having air as your zodiac element makes you almost 9 out of 10 times smooth with your words. When there’s Venus compounding this suave, articulated demeanor, the result can be very persuasive and manipulating at the same time. When communication is coming from a Venus influence it’s easy for Librans to convince others they’re caring because of their ability to dig deep, be understanding, and fair, fundamentally helps them become aware of the weaknesses of others. This sweet, charming vile has the potential to fool many people if not used for good.  In example, if professionally they are in a position of power this sympathy towards their subordinates makes Librans very successful. Though, more often than not, Libra individuals are positive, social justice warriors fighting the good cause because after all, whether it be a protest or a good debate, Librans love it all as it is still a source of bonding too.


Joining a book club would be within a Libra individual’s interests as a book club incorporates more than one facet of Libra’s personality at a time. If you think discussing a great read in length while in a group setting is something that a Libra person would want to do, you’re absolutely right! If you’re already in a book club and you’re not a Libran, consider inviting your Libra friend or family member along next time you attend. There are ample opportunities to finding a book club that best suits the needs of all types of Librans and others of the zodiac. Book clubs are positive ways to help with public speaking and opinion sharing while learning the perspectives of others through a shared experience of reading the same book. Literary bonding is one of the most refreshing yet unique types of bonding out there, and whether you prefer to join physically, remotely, locally, or mainstream — just realize there’s no limit to how you choose to participate. Remember, Libra is the nexus between the individual and the partnership and humanity at it’s core, so however you chose to connect is Libra’s work at play.


So whenever you’re reminded to act diplomatically and need to “kill someone with kindness”, think of how your Libra friend would do it.

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