Scorpio’s Divine Architectural Symmetry

It has been a successful revolution accounting for all 12 houses of the zodiac! Thank you so much for those who have read my zodiac posts since their creation one year ago. I appreciate the support and hope to be able to continue creating relevant content for those curious eyes that seek insights into astrology.


8th House of the Zodiac, SCORPIO – Oct. 22 – Nov. 22


The autumn metamorphoses occurring in Libra season will begin to slightly lull once we enter the house of Scorpio toward the end of October. We will have our final Mercury retrograde of the decade in Scorpio — a zodiac sign that runs in deep waters, drowning in its own energy, Scorpio is not a zodiac sign for the faint of heart.

If you are new to astrology but not brand new, then there’s a chance that you have loosely heard of the terms, “Mercury” and “retrograde” being strung together to justify planetary mishaps that happen when things are not going according to plan from time to time — or things are spiraling completely out of control that you wished frogs were falling from the sky

Solely fixating on the potential dangers that can transpire during a Mercury retrograde lacks practicality in getting one to see through the veil of what lessons and challenges are being accentuated. Mercury retrograde is a time of evolution — plunging into introspection and thoroughness – even though essentially the word retrograde means to go backwards. As more and more people move away from conventional religion, putting into context of what is happening in our ever-expanding universe at this given time in history is attracting popularity to find clarification through astrology. So get ready for the complex, irritable, and repetitious endeavors set to enlighten you this Scorpio season.


Intense, hypnotic, and keenly observant are the check-markers that lure innocuous individuals into trusting those with a Sun, Moon, Rising or strong natal chart influences in the 8th house of Scorpio. Not saying that all Scorpios aren’t to be trusted…but… at times when you think you have a Scorpio figured out or the perspicacity to their secrets, is when you will surely be mistaken of what you thought a Scorpio individual was thinking or feeling. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars. Under the care of the Martian planet, Scorpios exude action at any opportunity that comes their way. Once they are roused by action it is nearly impossible to deter Scorpio from their endgame. Bound by courage, perseverance, and Martian aggression, Scorpio’s insatiable energy leaves others of the zodiac wondering where they pull their innate strength from – little do most know it is because they are ruled by Mars. 

Mars is mutually shared between Scorpio, its feminine water sign, and Aries, its masculine fire sign. In the context of the zodiac, feminine is synonymous with absorption while masculine equates projection — and these terms frame the ideas or manifestations to characterize and describe a planet’s attributes. Strong Mars natal chart influences are bastions of sports enthusiasm, adventure-seekers exploring bucolic pastures, who are equipped with mechanical feat, honesty, and reliability in the positive connotations of the planet. Mars imbalances can breed impatience, boastfulness, impulsivity, and unnecessary combativeness in the wake of wanting to prove a point. In the hierarchy of auspicious planetary influences, Mars is considered unfavorable due to the constant tempering of the planets fiery nature. This is why Scorpios (for being a water sign) are considered so spicy.


At times, Scorpios can get a bad rep for being jealous, resentful, and domineering when someone is at the other end of their wrath. The underlying factor to all of Scorpio’s destruction comes creation and with that transformation. The main objective surrounding the 8th house of the zodiac is transformation within oneself to challenge what the establishment or status quo has been currently set. Their powerful personality and infamous behavior garners them a lot of attention, keeping others on their toes never knowing when the Scorpio is going to strike next. Like a revolving door or a boomerang almost hitting you in the face, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio serves as agent provocateur getting us to see what we have been glossing over for the umpteenth time. With the Mercury retrograde taking on Scorpio qualities of being argumentative and focused — getting one to tackle an issue head-on and preventing another cycle from biting the dust is what we all need before the decade closes. The transformation that is presumed to happen will leave all zodiac signs to some degree feeling changed, healed, and renewed as we dismantle old habits from our pasts to create a new future for the new decade ahead.


When in the migratory pattern of a retrograde daring you to go slow, wanting to move fast while under the Martian influence will be the toughest task at hand. Developing an appreciation for things that are already concrete and preexisting are some of Scorpio individuals favorite pastimes when adventure is involved. Getting out and becoming a tourist in your own city or committing to a “stay-cation” has been some of the more inventive ways people learn to fall in love with where they’re from all over again. Marcel Proust said it best that, “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” — and having readily available architectural walking tours in your home city is a way of discovering the dense history behind your city’s walls. From either Downtown Los Angeles or to the streets of Phnon Penh, Cambodia, there are a few resources online that have outlined walking tours that one can do alone or with others, which as a not-so surprising lone wolf, Scorpio is total not opposed to doing it alone. And if your city doesn’t already have a published walking architectural tour then make up the rules and create one yourself! This is still excitable for Scorpio as passion makes their world go round. Take a moment to bask in the beauty of old city secrets while creating new frontiers of what you want to see more of in the decade to come… and who knows, you might discovery a passion for something you never thought possible.

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