Aquarius Making an Assessment

11th House of the Zodiac, AQUARIUS – Jan. 20 – Feb. 19


Whether refreshing the current news on Youtube, IG discovery page, or from traditional news outlets, most reactionary responses in real-time for the January 6th insurrection were — “Is this, really happening?!” but also, “How…is this happening.”  In the first two weeks of January, experiencing the havoc which ensued on the 6th accentuated the unpredictability of Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus stationing direct on January 14th, 2021, still does not provide a cohesive explanation of the causation of the insurrection that took place a week and a half prior. If the insurrection at the Capitol highlighted anything, it would be that preconceived notions between white nationalism and domestic terrorism not existing are now linked.

When a planet goes retrograde or stations direct in a certain element and the sun is simultaneously transiting through that same element, everything is magnified within the element’s characteristics. As Uranus stations direct in Taurus during Capricorn season, the grounding energies of these earth signs compounds the need to get to the bottom of things (in this case the storming of the Capitol) — even if it takes some time to step outside the routine to get there. 


Symbol: The Water-bearer

Planet: Uranus/Saturn

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Mantra: “I Know”

Masculine — Positive   


Expecting big changes and awakenings is only half of the equation when factoring how much upheaval will be brought about. As Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius in modern astrology, its four cycles take place in Aquarius(ruler), Scorpio(exaltation), Leo(detriment) and Taurus(fall). Since Uranus is all consumed in transformation in a rebellious fashion, the planet sits uncomfortably in Taurus as it is the zodiac sign symbolizing finances, security and everything monetary related. Uranus transits through each sign for approximately seven years and has been hanging out in Taurus off and on since 2018 — the last time it made this transit was during the Great Depression and World War II from 1934 to 1942.

In certain respects with Aquarius season 2021, we want to keep making moves and taking risks, and just when we’re ready to start implementing those changes, a few major, cosmic players decide to make an appearance…but are you surprised? Mercury goes into its quarterly retrograde this time in Aquarius — clogging us mentally in potentially having us second guess and reassess what is happening in our lives. Some of the ideas we want to execute will need to be redone or brought back to the drawing board once again for a further go-around. 


Typically when getting into astrology, coming across phrases like, “square” or “conjunct” or “trine” tend to lead to more confusion rather than explanation. A simple way to remember is when reading “square” — think of the other elements that are in the square mode (i.e. cardinal, fixed or mutable) along with that zodiac sign. Squares signify conflict and tension when two planets are in the same mode at 90 degrees. Conjunct is used when two planets or more, are in the same zodiac sign. Trine is used to describe three planets that are in the same element (fire, earth, air, or water) at 120 degrees from another. For the most part, planets that conjunct or trine one another help elevate the burdens that squares bring into the cosmic forecast. 


The most auspicious time we’ll have during Aquarius season, will be the week of Valentine’s Day, February 11 – 15th, 2021, as we experience a conjunction between Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius. As any transit involving Jupiter or Venus together is favorable — the planets of luck and romance, Mercury (as it is still retrograde) will aid in the articulation of our emotions and help release any communication baggage from the last Mercury rx in November 2020. Depending on one’s own natal chart, this triple conjunction will speak to everyone differently but will be especially potent for anyone that has more planets in fixed signs.


Remember how the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in December 2020 have set the official wheels in motion for the Age of Aquarius? We are to expect more squares between these planets and Uranus until Saturn moves out of Aquarius in the next 2.5 years (March 2023), and Jupiter moves out of Aquarius roughy in 12 to 13 months (January 2022). Moments in the next couple years will bring revolutionary thinking and breakthroughs that the previous years did not allot. More harmony and understanding toward humanity is to be shaped and molded into our perspectives — as when before we were dealing with the iron hammer of Saturn’s karma in Capricorn. How will you utilize these tools to help create breakthroughs in your community? Where is your place in shifting the cosmic narrative? How will you better be prepared for Uranus rx in Taurus in summer 2021 defining YOU?


Acceptance and getting curious in understanding that other perspectives can be right, other than your own in any given situation is a good first place to start. 

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