Pisces Pacing a New Era

12th House of the Zodiac, PISCES – Feb. 19 – Mar.20


Stabilization is the theme heading into the second quarter of 2021. But what stability looks like to some, can look totally different to others — hence life is a state of constant motion as we learn on University Planet Earth. From Aquarius Season on, we have been driving toward new heights, exploring and getting cognitively curious about what a brighter future can hold — consumed in the the possibility of what it can look like as we design more freedom and inclusivity into our lives. Having the awe-inspiring Aquarius Stellium for the first time since 1962, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon all under one sign during the last week of Aquarius, jolts the wheels in motion to handle life with a breaking all the rules approach to Pisces Season — something the fishes will push back on, putting into question some of those choices. 

Looking at Aquarius Season as the spark of a new idea, Pisces Season is the brainstorming and ideation phase for us to venture into dreaming big. We’re convinced the sky is the limit when under the influence of the dreamy, 12th house of the zodiac. Envisioning what we want out of life guided by our intuition can be obstructed when imagination and delusion enter the space for unrealistic expectations. Pisces filibusters Aquarius’ potentially flawed, notions of what a moral compass is, in distinguishing a firm sense of right from wrong


Commit to any risqué behavior in February such as, being the third-party to someone’s extramarital affairs? Addiction toward vice or unpredictable behaviors and unhealthy patterns that would be considered frowned upon? Pisces, being the moral authority from a spiritual, soulful perspective, would question whether or not those actions are helping or hindering an individual on their life’s path — a skillset that Aquarius tends to find difficulty in the moment deciphering in their freedom-seeking mindset. 


Symbol: The Fishes

Planet: Jupiter/Neptune

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Mantra: “I Believe”

Feminine – Negative


The last week(s) of February are tackling this moral dilemma. Healing versus fighting at the top of our priority list, heading into March will expand the sensitivity frequency meter all the way up. With Mercury sitting in Aquarius, the ability to cerebrally think and articulate, but also, express oneself will be exalted as Venus enters Pisces on the 25th. The fuel to intuitively receive and connect on deeper levels of consciousness are present for us to capture at this time. Often, it is difficult to sit in uncomfortable emotions. Pisces has the ability to expose us to our deepest vulnerabilities that other signs don’t have within their astrological toolkit. As this depth can inflate the dichotomy of the light and the shadow, it’s important to be mindful and learn to ground those static energies that can potentially hijack or capsize longterm goals — especially when there are rich opportunities to be optimistic. Best practices to alleviate emotional engulfment can be in channelling doses of respite and as frequently as needed.


The Sun positioned in this water sign element gives monumental support to reflect, be receptive and sensitive to others’ emotions — that’s the reason why Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. We are challenged by what this mystic-leaning sign’s insights have to offer as we close off winter and head into spring. As Pisces creates endless possibilities during this incubation period of brainstorming, having it all figured out by the Spring Equinox when the Sun shifts into fiery Aries on March 21st is less than likely. What we will have is an advantage point for catalyzing energy behind what we want to manifest. In providing ample time between two seasonal cardinal shifts — Summer Solstice during Cancer Season and the Fall Equinox in Libra Season in the Northern Hemisphere — jettisoning the release of any negative, past pain attachments and traumas by the end of September will be activated. The Full Moon in Pisces on September 20, 2021, will furnish us with having come full circle in understanding of what we were feeling back in March 2021 and being confident to transform those sentiments.


Harvest those seeds that you’ve perceived to have been lost from within. Use the inner guidance and truth that is locked within you to creatively pace this new era.

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