Aries Ramming into Action

1st House of the Zodiac, ARIES – Mar. 20 — Apr. 19


The first month of the pandemic has everyone embodying Aries’ Martian fighting spirit at the turning point of the Spring Equinox. Fighting, that is, over toilet paper… Needless to say, the first official month of lockdown mandates in the United States have Americans hoarding toilet paper in an attempt to maintain and sustain their first-world luxuries. This specific phenomenon will have historians puzzled over the frenetic toilet paper hoarding (and the complete disarray of 2020 in general) for years to come.    


Aries originating from “Ares,” the Greek God of War, makes every one mentally feel as if we’re literally going to war against the virus. The urge to shake ourselves alive from the winter thaw using unfiltered force to charge ahead into spring, puts the situation into an awkward game of chicken. Under the guise of the Aries sun, our strength to stick to a national pandemic plan and see it through gets the best of us come June. Aries is a great self-starter in initiating projects with lighting fervor however,….they have no intention of finishing what they started. This extra boost of blind confidence were given has many people thinking we’re out of the woods by the Summer Solstice.


Symbol: Ram

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Mantra: “I Am”



When we think about the universe on a macro level we’re thinking of a combustion that formed creation: The Big Bang. Needless to say, having Mars be the ruling planet of the first house of the zodiac is fitting in so many ways. Mars is a planet of raw, unabated energy. Mars rules our desires, our actions and need for survival. This planet with all its potency comes with a few caveats. Depending on where the Mars placement is in the natal chart, it will dictate how you exhibit your action and motivation for life. When you think of sexuality in its physical sense — that’s controlled by Mars. When you think of how you go about conducting your day whether: being assertive, forthright, adventurous, impulsive, impatient, aggressive, or forceful — that’s Mars at play. Having the ability to understand where Mars is positioned in the natal chart and what triggers expression, enthusiasm and drive in areas of our lives provides greater understanding for what gets under our skin or what sparks our passion to explore.


As it is most imbalanced Aries individuals that give this zodiac sign a bad rep and leaving others running for the hills at all costs, Mars as a Sun, Moon, Rising planet is extremely powerful placement. Mars is a planet to be reckoned with as it is at times an unstoppable, competitive force that dominates over others effortlessly. This sign does produce some egomaniacs (just as all signs do) however, the tendency to lean towards recklessness and restlessness does not lead Mars-dominate individuals to completing tasks to fruition. As it does represent primitive, instinctual energy, Mars in the Tarot shows up differently than its interpretation in astrology with the Emperor. The Emperor card in Tarot signifies the highest level of leadership in the deck. It is part of the Major Arcana representing elements of mastery in the affairs of worldly matters and physical manifestation. The Emperor shows up as a master in one’s on sovereignty over oneself, courses of action and authoritative power. When Mars is functioning in an assertive yet passionate way, the emulation of the Emperor in his fiery red robes is upright when showing up in a tarot spread. But, when we see the recklessness, petty behavior, lack of reflection, inability to execute a task or not being in our highest power — then that is the Emperor showing up in reverse. Arrogance is the leading character flaw about this sign, and just because the Emperor is the ruler of them all, he is still serves everyone in the theoretical empire. 


When social distancing measures are put into place for the beginning of April 2020 to curb the increase of the virus spreading, try embodying the Emperor’s sense of assertiveness and leadership to take accountability for wearing a mask and washing your hands. As we all will be home for the foreseeable future, take the time to reflect and meditate on how we can change our actions to help protect the health of not only others but ourselves too. When we enter Aries season, Saturn enters Aquarius, subconsciously taking discipline and boundaries from the Saturnian planet while the influence of Aquarius exhibits focus on the collective will be at our disposal. Use this placement to your advantage but, do not get too comfortable. As we are all aware of what astrology seeks to educate us is, that things begin and end and cycles are inevitable.

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