Pisces Procrastinating a Pandemic: Through the Veil of Their Rose-Colored Glasses

12th House of the Zodiac, PISCES – Feb. 19 — Mar. 20


At the pinnacle moment of the Chinese Lunar New Year transpiring toward the beginning of Aquarius season in January, parts of the world begin experiencing the first phase of the novel coronavirus pandemic, covid-19. Initial reports coming out of Wuhan, China at the end of December 2019 noticed an increase of respiratory infection spreading within the region. As the globe sleepily resets from the near fatal events happening with Iran at the beginning of January, by the month’s end the world’s slate is wiped clean with a whole new set of circumstances brought on by covid-19 that no one is equipped or prepared to tackle.


Right before entering the last house of the zodiac for Pisces season on February 19th, we’re swept up in one of the first side effects of covid-19 three days prior with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces on the 16th. The typical confusion surrounding communication triggers all the word of mouth rumors and false narratives in the news about covid-19 of: where it came from, how it was transmitted, who’s immune, who’s not, and whether to wear face masks or not; start to make their rounds right when Mercury Rx happens. The benefit of having Mercury Rx occur in the 12th house of the zodiac encompasses a bit of each sign —as if imposing reserved observation versus jumping to conclusions about the virus. Accentuating delayed judgements of wanting to rush into a precarious situation (a little more of that a bit later) and not wanting to totally miss the mark on what is needed in order to prepare for the pandemic delays us in the long run. The thing about having Mercury Rx in Pisces during Aquarius and before Pisces season is that we start to feel the pre-shadow period of this water sign’s ultra sensitivities before the 19th. Pisces is poised and garners experience of each of all the signs creating individuals that are highly sensitive, dreamy, artistic, intuitive and wise yet, is not a rushed sign and needs time to process their feelings. The problem is Pisces does not want to be yanked from it’s dream-like fantasy of reality. Pisces will turn the other cheek albeit it feels the pressure to make an immediate shift. When lockdown measures begin to take shape at the beginning of March, it leads a lot of people to refuse the seriousness of the virus and/or confront their denial of needing to make a change and wanting to stay in their own personal “dream worlds.”


Neptune, God of the Sea, ruling planet of Pisces the Fish symbolizes the balance of two halves forming the portal of the conscious and subconscious world. Neptune the 8th farthest planet from the Sun, has an orbit of 165 years. Spending fourteen years transiting each house of the zodiac, this gaseous giant languishes over subconscious dreams, spirituality and mysticism. Planetary placement of Neptune in the natal chart is essential for unleashing the unimaginable wealth of creativity and intuition into one’s life. Neptune retrograding in it’s home sign, Pisces from June 22 – November 28, 2020, will summon a feeling of having difficulty discerning fantasies from real life for a six month period of time. This Neptune Rx will help with clearing up confusion, misunderstandings, and self-deception as they rise up to be seen. The journey of Neptune Rx is designed to sharpen the spiritual framework that one chooses to live by. Cosmic individuals with Neptune aspects in their chart or those who are mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the intensity of Neptune Rx the greatest. Before heading into Neptune Rx in Cancer season at the end of June, the illusions obscuring the severity of covid-19 will render the world in a stasis of confusion. We will not get an ah ha moment at this time; hence it is a slow moving planet and we will be even slower to make quick decisions (which will cost many lives early on). The pandemic at the beginning of Pisces season and (honestly actually snowballs at the start of the Spring Equinox) carries the overall existential confusion of the pandemic until Neptune Rx happens near the Summer Solstice. Our mental and emotional healths will wain and deteriorate as we see our relationships start to rupture a bit as we wake up from our dreams to the sad reality of realizing others for who they truly are, including ourselves. With how painful and intimidating it is to be, there’s a lot to learn and be offered from a crumbling foundation — opportunities to build and open the doors of abundance that Jupiter will aid Neptune in — creating better and longer lasting relationships. Neptune Rx will have us all unnerving the most in September right when we see the seasons begin to change again, reminding us we’ve been free falling for six months since the pandemic started without a vaccine and no end in sight.


Pisces season is just the beginning of how triggering 2020 will be all for us… some more than others. But with heading into the Neptune Rx and the rest of the year mindfully, there’s so much beauty, creativity and evolution to be adopted that by the time Neptune stations direct at the end of November. You’ll have come out a completely different person and hopefully for the better. 

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