Sagittarius Striding into an Intelligible Escape

9th House of the Zodiac, SAGITTARIUS – Nov. 22 – Dec. 21


Feeling as if you were left huffing and puffing trying to get your bearings straight in the depths of a confusing, dark cave when all of a sudden, you were brought back into the blaring, blinding light, and still feeling disoriented as ever? That’s what coming out of a Mercury Retrograde feels like. In hindsight, as much as it is rewarding and a beautiful experience to be a part of, the majority of us get caught in the whirlwind of Mercury retrograde not knowing how to make sense of it all in real time. Solely due to circumstance, some retrogrades happen while other planets are moving into different houses. Fortunately for us, we come out of Mercury rx in Scorpio at the end of November before the sun moves into fiery Sagittarius on November 22 and Jupiter shifts into Capricorn on December 2nd, 2019. 


One common question would be, “Great, what does this all mean?”  For the sake of the zodiac and placing shifting planetary occurrences into the context of world events — this is huge. So let’s go over the basics. Jupiter is the ruling planet of the adventure indulging and truth seeking sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is considered one of the coveted, more finer, auspicious signs of the zodiac along with Venus and the Sun. In traditional astrology, Jupiter is the masculine planetary ruler for Sagittarius and the feminine planetary ruler for Pisces. As stated previously, zodiac signs that share a feminine(f) and masculine(m) version of a planet always have the mirroring elements of fire(m) and water(f) and in other cases air(m) and earth(f). In essence, there is a jovial, celebratory transference in the air that happens in the middle of the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s palpable and lighthearted — most can’t put a finger on it… This rush of Sagittarian energy that we all experience between the densities of Scorpio and Capricorn seasons is the secret ingredient we’re all blessed with — so, you’re welcome. When Jupiter is in it’s home sign, Sagittarius, the feeling is infectious giving the gift of gab of feeling inspired, hopeful, faithful, obtaining prosperity, and seeing the bright future ahead. It encourages us to be ambitious and to dream big dreams as Jupiter is the lucky star that will guide us there. Inhabiting the Sagittarian eternal student vibes metamorphosing with wanting to encapsulate the lessons learned in November from the Mercury rx in Scorpio, the sentiment of “wanting to hit it out of the park” before the year ends is the idealistic high that we’ll all be passing around during Sagittarius season. Let’s face it, 2019 has been a rewarding yet arduous year, to which we’ll all be praying and working toward a win in 2020 no matter what it takes. 

Jupiter known as the protector, Roman god of all gods, it’s Jupiterian nature brings out our generous and sympathetic sides of what we find to be a worthwhile occasion and most saliently humanitarian. Whether its housing a friend or family during the holidays, being charitable, or volunteering time to help the less fortunate; the open-mindedness we amass under the influence of Jupiter make ideals flourish and extravagant. But December 2019 is going to feel a little different… Jupiter in its annual transit (this time) into Capricorn, is not a comfortable placement. Since Jupiter only changes signs once a year, it’s transits are profound, ushering changes that are inevitable and difficult to ignore. Naturally, hierarchical Capricorn does not sit well in the orderless, sanguine, gaseous planet, Jupiter. The joking nature of Jupiter becomes a bit dryer, dark, and at times morbid under the sign of Capricorn. The same laugh we’re all used to having has a different delivery and the punchline has an underlying foreshadow of what is to come — drawing hysterics from skeptics and foul play for the faint of heart.


Before getting ahead of oneself thinking we’re in for a bumpy ride once Jupiter in Capricorn sets in, there are some considerations for those willing to put in the hard work. Jupiter in Capricorn will constantly be in a “agree to disagree” stance for the majority of 2020. Capricorn wanting to play by the rules will give Jupiter an edge in harnessing structure and confronting the wasteful planet when it needs to be partial to overlooked issues that have been long overdue for review. Capricorn will hold Jupiter accountable and ground the planet in taking tangible, pragmatic steps forward to achieving their creative and unrealistic goals. Jupiter desiring to work in a collective in getting consensus from others this time around, will know where it stands in relation to others in the group and what role it needs to play. Utilizing cleverness as its acquired skillset from Capricorn will guide the influence of Jupiter to be unapologetic in striving for justice in one’s pursuits and their life journeys whether others like it or not — not turning our backs but simply being less obliged in order to be well-liked.


With obtaining now a work-hard, play-hard approach to checking things off our list, it doesn’t mean we still aren’t entitled to a little fun…


Exercising Sagittarius’ best qualities conjuncting with Jupiter in Capricorn during the middle of the holiday season, creates expertise in games that are beyond natural ability. What better way to hone in on pragmatism with adventure than in an escape room? I’ll pause for objections. Since Sags love to incorporate adventure with new learning experiences, escape rooms are the pinnacle of working together while having fun. Escape rooms are having their moment of popularity for the past five years bringing together friends and colleagues to work on real-time puzzles to solve missions in themed rooms with clues given to participants to escape the rooms. It makes for great entertainment plus allowing you to step into a world where you get to be in charge playing detective, overcoming obstacles and challenges being the hero once the mission has been accomplished. An interesting tidbit — the first documented escape room was created in Japan by a company named SCRAP in 2007! There are endless escape rooms and missions worldwide to choose from in your local community and beyond. If visiting an escape room doesn’t sound enticing, than creating your own escape room at home will surely tap into your creativity and cleverness in the comfort of your own home. Follow these insightful tips on getting your escape room creative juices flowing with Business Insider as Jupiter in Capricorn begins to set sail during Sagittarius season.

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