Leo’s Moonlit Prowls

5th House of the Zodiac, LEO – July 23 – August 22


The end of July will have stability becoming more prominent as the eventuality of time moves closer to August. As the dust begins to settle from this past Cancer season, with Mercury and Jupiter going direct, this new profound energy will have you ready to come out of hiding and eager to start prancing into the upbeat energy of Leo season


The playful masculine sign of Leo is an energy that is surely never to be forgotten. It is a sign that is stimulated by exuberant, fanciful things, embodying the cat-like instincts of the lion. Often, Leo individuals are referred to as the euphemism, le petit prince or princesse (little prince/little princess). Those born under the sign of Leo tend to be drawn to the finer things in life and opulent grandeur; a major trend in which these individuals swoon over. Not all Leos are attention-seekers…but there is a certain spark to their personalities that have the power to light up any room that they enter, naturally securing center-stage quite easily. The Lion possesses a royalty-like air known for being the “kings and queens of the jungle” garnering the roles of leadership effortlessly. Leos are daydreamers and are fond of ambitious pursuits more than other zodiac signs. Leo people’s strengths have strong qualities of leadership, idealism, creativity, warm-hearted passion, and humor. For being the fire sign element in the fixed square with Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus, Leo’s fixed confidence in assessing and calming others is what this sign is best known for in most situations. Fixed signs, are the middle period of each season contributing to the square of having things set in their ways and maintaining a solid foundation before the zodiac calendar transitions into a new sign and new square.  Leo sharing the fire sign element with Sagittarius and Aries, takes on the challenging task of continuous self-awareness and the growth of the ego. This need for focusing on their own achievements more-so than other people, situations, or things surrounding them comes with some pitfalls…ironically making Leos easy targets for others to pounce on.


Remember how Cancer is the sole zodiac sign that is ruled by the Moon? Well, you’re in for a plot twist — Leo is the only zodiac sign which is ruled by the Sun! And with Leo positioned in the 5th house right after Cancer, the dichotomous shift of night and day have a rippling effect being arduous for one to ignore smack dab in the middle of summer. With the Sun positioned at the center of their planetary influences, Leo people and strong natal chart Leo influences, have a force that is incomparable to other planets and can seldom be repressed. Putting ideas into practice, Leo’s ability to conquer all obstacles at hand accompanied with their inherent optimism, does not allow them to accept temporary setbacks as failures. The Sun’s best qualities shine through Leo’s personality denoting dignity, integrity of nature, and loyalty to a cause. Emboldening magnetic attractions with others and speech, with Leo trying to acquire everything at times, this drawback prevents them from seeing or neglecting fine details. Avoiding being high-handed and high-minded will allow for Leo to become seamless in all varying groups of individuals — needless to say that they pretty much are able to get along with anyone!


Alas, do not forget that the lion also enjoys its fair share of cat-naps and at the best of times can fall victim to their own self-sabotage. Nothing is worse than a cranky Leo. That is why ample time is needed to recharge in nature for this big lovable cat. The middle of Leo season experiences a full moon in Aquarius on August 15th, 2019 which is  the air sign that directly opposes the fire sign of Leo. Hiking during a hot summer day, (unless in a well-shaded trail or with plenty of sun protection taken into precaution), in actuality isn’t the most ideal of situations. Luckily, there is a powerful alternative that most wouldn’t consider – especially if it requires going during a full moon. That’s right!!! Moon hiking is one of the best kept secrets to recharging and energy cleansing during a full moon cycle. The benefits of moon bathing during a full moon allow for soaking up the nocturnal realm in which we normally take for granted while unconscious. For those wondering whether or not hiking at night is safe, respectfully yes, it can be. The full moon adds to the amount of light pollution already visible to humans but when it comes to other more sensitive species that would be found on a hiking trail, their senses prevent them acting as they would accordingly during a new moon cycle. They are more susceptible to being exposed during a full moon from bigger predatory animals and avoiding being found is within their best interests. Snakes, tarantulas, coyotes, mountain lions, etc. are more likely to be visible during darker periods of time than during a full moon. Though as a cautionary note, bring your safety items to ensure that you will be safe during hiking – i.e. flashlight, blunt object, water bottle, and sturdy shoes. There is a level of stoicism with Leos that allow them to be the boss but also exude their royalty without losing their cool. Any sort of adventure outdoors satisfies their appetite for getting out of the lion’s den that they would otherwise retreat to when in need of rest. 


Don’t fret if there are no hiking trails nearby — simply being outdoors near any green space during a full moon is just as beneficial. There are many different hikes of all levels and distances within Los Angeles County. The one that I recommend for Leo to get out and stretch their paws in sweeping panoramic views of the city is Wisdom Tree. Nestled between the Hollywood Hills and the San Fernando Valley is Wisdom Tree, an intensive hike that reaps more benefits than there are to count. This hike does not disappoint especially for being a city hike. I would highly recommended both as a day hike and a full moon hike as there are always others on the trail and the distance is manageable for those who enjoy ascending to new heights. Leos would particularly enjoy being at the the summit of this hike – having a moment to absorb the vast cityscape of their kingdom


Please check out further details to getting yourself acquainted with the information vital for this hike at  modernhiker.com

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