Leo Learning to take Note of the Details

5th House of the Zodiac, LEO — July 23 — Aug. 22


Our strength to continue the political activism with covid-19 into the long summer months, with vitalized fatigue will remain a mystery to us all for years to come. Being under immense pressure, we’re all turning into the rare gems that the universe intended us to be. Cancer season with the Mercury rx and solar eclipse illuminated where we should be holding our focus. The Summer Solstice came with it’s own set of victories and losses — the biggest, coming from the most unlikely of places — Tiktok. As the globe has been under shelter-in-place orders, on social media, the influx of millions of videos of Tiktok users dancing to pre-choreographed dances have had us consumed since the pandemic was officially recognized in March 2020. And with an overwhelmingly amount of Tiktok users being GenZers or younger, at the end of June together as a collective stage one of the most unexpecting events to help shift the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.  


The video sharing app, Tiktok, has a cross-over audience of K-pop (Korean pop) fans, and by the historic anniversary of Juneteenth, they just had had enough. Juneteenth marks the end of slavery in the US with the state of Texas, finally emancipating enslaved blacks in 1865. The Trump campaign in it’s covert yet overt ways to pretend and undermine the threat of covid-19 to the world, decided it would be appropriate to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the weekend of Juneteenth — the place of the Tulsa Race Massacre — where Black Wall Street was destroyed by angry Whites in 1921. Mobilizing and inflating the attendee count, Tiktok users and K-pop fans registered online for the rally with no intent on attending. Being punked by teenagers, this left the Trump campaign furious, as only a total of 6,200 people occupied the 19,000-seat arena. This defeat was a sweet one, hence, for those who assume that K-pop fans and BLM are a passing trend seriously underestimate the power these marginalized groups hold.


Only three days into the fiery, confident sign of Leo, on July 26th, we are reminded that there are only 100 days left until the 2020 presidential election. The Trump administration with its repeated attempts to state that voting by mail leads to voter fraud, is tempting to believe initially during the Mercury rx in Cancer. However, by the time we enter the 5th house of the zodiac and Mercury stations direct, no one is buying what Trump is saying — in actuality, it’s provoking more US citizens to register to vote, check their voter status and vote earlier than any other presidential election in the history of the United States of America. Many constituents were left disenfranchised during the 2016 presidential election. But that wasn’t a hinderance this time around, as many mustered up the courage to wait in long poll lines during a pandemic — to protect their right to vote. Our willpower to fight the maelstrom of civil rights atrocities during the Trump presidency has been a continuous revolving door. Our determination to stay politically in check of what is at stake — for our democracy is in a vulnerable position as we rock on the crucial precipice of change toward either progression or digression. The zodiac sequence of signs of: Leo, Virgo, Libra & Scorpio are crucial to the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Leos are daydreamers.


Leo’s influence on the cosmos desperately challenged to learning the details regarding voter deadlines, is given support during this time — as the voter deadline details will be mastered by Virgo Season. When the news breaks that Trump intentionally tried to sabotage mail-in-ballots by having the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy (appointed by Trump), put there deliberately to cut the budget for the United States Post Office — to try and sway for less votes to be counted or arrive in time for the election leads to massive public outrage. The Lion is roaring loud and clear. And as more news pours out about the USPS regarding removing collection boxes, the outcry continuous on. Of all the events leading up to this moment, nothing was ever the same at this point in the pandemic. We had entered into a new era — one that is dwindling on the protections of human rights for all, as were all under the mercy of this virus. Embodying Leo’s spirit, it’s time for us to be our own hero.


Symbol: The Lion

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Mantra: “I Will”



Leo super charges our creative optimism to shedding a light onto our blindspots to winning the election — what better sign to it than that which is ruled by the Sun?


The Sun as a ruling planet illuminates dream-like optimism toward a positive outcome even when were coming up against impossible odds — we’ll stop at nothing to persevere while the Sun is in Leo. The Sun in all its regality rules over Leo due to Leo’s magnetic ability to assist others in offering itself as a creative portal, in which we all pass through during this fixed sign’s period of reign. As exasperated as we are in August 2020, the Sun in its charismatic nature, leads us to making bold, brave strides toward steering this ship around on both macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. The Sun as an authoritative figure is helping us to channel the inner leader that’s within all of our hearts, making everything that is important to us conscious. Leo’s tantalizingly ambitious courage to bring everything to light gives us the unabated strength to crusade on. Having the fixed sign of Leo as the predecessor of nostalgic Cancer to bring everything that was in Cancer’s shadow to consciousness, is equipped with towering emotional and physical power. This reserve of power will be essential by the time Leo Season ends, and one of the biggest retrograde periods of the year comes to an end — in Uranus. The greatest lesson learned in Leo Season 2020 is that we are stripped of our savior’s complex that someone is coming to save us. We’ve realized that we have dug our own hole, hopefully we’ve learned the ropes to the lessons these retrogrades and eclipses are trying to teach us. Hopefully, we’re able set the course straight before November 3rd.

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