Gemini’s Grasp of Reality

3nd House of the Zodiac, GEMINI – May. 20 – June 20


Incredibly versatile, witty and quick-minded, the only Twin sign of the zodiac that often gets a bad rap for being who they are, Gemini, can either leave others in awe of their stunning intellect or in a cringe-worthy state and running for the hills. Not all signs can handle the duality of the mercurial Twins. Which leads one to ponder, what makes Gemini this mysterious, philosophical enigma such a tough cookie to crack? Geminis have a lot to offer with their cerebral headspace that is a comfortable position for all air signs, and leaving the mind in charge of making decisions quickly and ever-changing to help fit the ends of the present moment.  


Gemini is the first of the air sign element sharing similar but not exact personality traits with Libra and Aquarius. Their element says much about what their personality is like: light as air that can change and adapt to multiple situations making them well-liked and agreeable to most for their chameleon-esque approaches to life. Gems are the air sign in the mutable square along with Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, which can be a vibrant breathe of fresh air making the ease of shifting during the seasons palpable and admired by others. The wise and adaptable demeanors of the mutable square as a whole, contribute to perfecting the ideas thought of by cardinal signs and built by fixed signs — making every difficult transition comfortable to withstand. Mercury is the ruling planet of the masculine sign of Gemini and the feminine sign of Virgo. Gemini’s ruling planet exudes one of the most complicated and conflicting placements of the zodiac compounded with the twin duality. Mercury is synonymous with having a fast paced nature being connected to the Roman and Greek mythology of the messenger, Mercury/Hermes. Hermes the son of Zeus and Maia, he is the Greek god of “trade, wealth, luck, fertility, animal husbandry, sleep, language, thieves and travel.” His mischievous proclivities have lead Mercury/Hermes to be entangled in a variety of Greek legends, one most famously being Hermes stealing his half-brother, Apollo’s sacred cattle when he was only a baby. Hermes with his winged sandals and staff in hand, the herald of unpredictability, skill, quick observation and having the ability to talk convincingly, dashes into any situation to satisfy anyone of his intellectual attainment without questioning his depth of knowledge. Those with a strong natal chart or Sun, Moon or Rising in Gemini should be mindful of their mercurial tendencies. When positively activated they can be engaged in worthwhile efforts and cooperation with others. If negatively activated, the reversal of skill can turn to cunning, cleverness into deceit. That is why schemers and gamblers are prevalent in individuals who have strong Gemini placements because the Twin aspect of the sign can trigger them to switch and vacillate from one to the other. But not all is bleak to say about Gemini! They are truly a blast to spend time with and having communication at the forefront of this sign’s strongest traits, any conversation involving a Gemini is humorously upbeat and effortlessly fun. They are charismatic cheerleaders for their loved ones by helping them get over difficult circumstances in their lives by aiding them to see through a situation needing mental clarity. 


You’d consider yourself lucky if you can hold onto a Gemini’s attention for long. The Twins can jump to many interests but a fascinating, visual psychological thriller can keep them guessing in their wake. One narrative television series that is sure to keep Gemini’s attention is the Netflix show, American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. With Miami Beach being the climatic backdrop of Andrew Cunanan’s killing spree in the mid-90s, the series takes you through the set of twisted ill-fated events that led Cunanan, Versace’s murder, to be fixated on a delusional relationship — a false reality that one could question whether or not ever took place. Cunanan is a captivatingly handsome con artist and an articulated talker who pushes his way into a variety of different individuals lives and easily manipulates them into relationships for his own gains. His motives are truly manic and he churns out killings as if going shopping on a Saturday afternoon. His motives being truly unclear (unless you Google search the ending to this horrible event) and the reasons still remain a mystery until today. Looking into the mind of Gemini, this show can provide them with mental stimulation to rationalize Cunanan’s pathological lying, why he chose to kill these individuals and from what mental anguishes he was truly suffering. The show visually pulls you into the nightlife and good times of the 90s, where people were still living out the heydays of the 80s — thinking that they were utterly invincible. The show includes a star-studded cast portraying individuals close to Versace such as Penelope Cruz and Ricky Martin. The series does not disappoint in trying to piece together what happened twenty-two years ago with this tragic event. 


This recommendation is not meant to associate Cunanan’s behavior as a comparison to Gemini’s personality traits. It is simply a masterpiece of intellectual complexity that Gems would love to solve!

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