Gemini Galvanizing in the Streets

3rd House of the Zodiac, GEMINI — May 21 — June 20


The romanticization of covid-19 comes to a dead stop on May 25th, 2020, with the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When the sun transitions into Gemini Season on the 21st, events begin unraveling quickly in the US as we get the second wake up call and reckoning of, “I can’t breathe.” It comes as no surprise that by the third month in lockdown, socio-economic and racial disparity are alive and well though the pandemic. And as the wealthy are able to flock to their summer/vacation homes in remote parts of the US to escape dense cities, the economically less fortunate are left facing the losses of being evicted, furloughed from their jobs, cut off from health insurance and the continuous savagery of police brutality. But what sparks a difference in tone with nationwide public unrest with racial discrimination, is the compounded pressure of being stuck at home to fight the virus. As an overwhelming amount of businesses and schools are closed leaving people with extra time on their hands — what other ingredient is necessary for the disenfranchised to take the fight to the streets?


Symbol: The Twins

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Mantra: “I Think”



As the days become warmer and the nights are become shorter in the Northern Hemisphere, the mood of passing up another season with shelter-in-place orders is beginning to wain on us all. The longing of wanting to feel freedom mentally, emotionally and spiritually but, craving social interaction at the same time, rises to the occasion when widespread protests for Black Lives Matter take center stage — not only in the US but across the globe. As we incarnate the Gemini personality into the physical, the need to utilize our voices versus outright violence comes as a a challenging feat. Since the BLM protests create a cascading effect of protests related to other atrocities that have been swept under the rug for far too long. Gemini being the consumed, cognitive air sign caught up in the idiosyncrasies of the intellect, the duality of the Twins forces us in Gemini Season 2020 to recognize the dichotomy of the systems that dictate our lives. Gemini exudes independence and loathes being told what to do — are they bad listeners? Potentially…more or less overtly recalcitrant in nature. And by this time, everyone is fed up wanting to listen and adapt to the new rules and regulations of confinement with covid-19. The impatience in the air is palpable, everyone wants to get back to their personal lives and/or experience the proverbial shift that’s been long overdue in the cosmos.

Unbeknownst to us, we reap what we sow.


Formidable change bursts at the seams when the New Moon in Gemini takes place on May 22, synchronizing our inner thoughts toward assertive action, and community involvement of sharing fact-based information and education. Right before Gemini Season happens, Venus is already retrograde from May 13th, while the Sun is in Taurus, and Mercury is set to take its quarterly retrograde on June 18th while in Gemini. What takes away from the jovial, child-like innocence of Gemini this year, is the blessing of the two most powerful planets of the solar system being retrograde: Saturn and Jupiter. The dynamic suffering of all these growing pains of promoting self-love, combating misinformation and hasty communication, dealing with our karma and challenging our luck, is the pressurization that we are able come out the other end somehow, in one piece. Some of us more than others will feel like jell-o, taking on many forms as were pushed and pulled in many directions. As we’re not able to appreciate the immediate results of all of these planetary shifts around the Summer Solstice, the canonization of our boundaries being tested is thrusted upon us when the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius transcends on June 5th. As we’re deploying the shield of Gemini at this time, being adaptable, non-committal yet, feeling untrustworthy of situations taking shape is the name of the game. Our wheelhouse of ideas that we’ve built around our identities (which are represented in Sagittarius) are crumbling — making room for releasing what has become excessive and no longer services us for that which is meaningfully essential.


Our curiosity to learn and adapt will be heightened but, does not mean we will be able to reflect upon the lessons learned at this time. Gemini the masculine archetype of Mercury, is going to propel the human race in engaging with how we make our point across to others. Energizing the speech of our minds/egos and challenging that of the heart. Communication of the good, bad and ugly can and will transpire when it does. Even with all the confusion surrounding the unpredictability of the future, having the courage to stop ourselves and allowing our hearts to interject our relationship portals will feel like scaling a cliff at a 90° degree angle. Depending on where one’s Mercury placement is in their chart, perhaps a logical approach to easing one’s relationship woes would be through written communication such as text or email, as it will allow and create momentary reflection versus saying something hastily out loud or jumping to conclusions  — which can be a high probably outcome during Mercury rx. Even for being the closest planet to the Sun in our Solar System, Mercury isn’t the hottest, Venus is. So in order to staying calm, cool and collected with our first huge, hurdle of astrological shifts of 2020, my advice is, to play the long-game and brake check as often as you can.

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