Taurus & Their Anahata

2nd House of the Zodiac, TAURUS – Apr. 20 – May 20


Spring is in full swing and with April showers bringing May flowers, Taurus season allows the rest of the zodiac to settle into the budding and blossoming feels.  Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and with it comes a fixed position that rarely vacillates when it comes to presenting themselves to the rest of the world.   


The lovable Bull is the first fixed sign of the zodiac with the remainders of the square (Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) abiding true to their invariable planetary positions. Taurus’ placement between fire and air makes it a stable, incorrigible force, centering on strength as the predominating feature of this sign. Initiating the earth sign rule of thumb, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are conditioned to be grounded by keeping things down to earth while exercising a practical, realistic approach to material life. Taurus has a remarkable memory and their sense of understanding is not only deep, but long-lasting. They are often well-liked and are loyal companions through thick and thin. Unlike Aries, as a Taurean individual devotes themselves to a new endeavor, they are reliably trusted to see it through to completion with persistence and hard-work once the novelty has worn off.  This leads natives of Sun, Moon and Rising in Taurus to seize opportunity when it arises rather than chasing after what they want. Patience is a virtue and Taurus has plenty of it! Once the fruits of Taurus’ labors pay off, they are sure to bask in their rewards with a great meal, music and plenty of romance. The Taurean personality is strong-willed and primarily wanting the best for themselves and those that they love. Their generosity is genuine and sincere. They are creatures of comfort and will strive to maintain beauty in their lives as much as possible. There is nothing more in this world that motivates Taurus than money and wealth — nothing can get between them and their coin! They are the embodiment of Cardi B’s song, ‘Money’. That is why when the Bull’s interests come first, while coming off as quite uncompromising to others as they achieve their career goals.


Taurus should consider themselves lucky for having Venus as one of the finer planetary influences of the zodiac. The natives under Venus are ruled by the signs of Taurus and the air sign, Libra. Remember, all earth signs are the feminine version of the same planets as air signs, air signs are the masculine version ie. — Taurus/Libra of Venus; Virgo/Gemini of Mercury; and Capricorn/Aquarius of Saturn. Symbolizing harmony, happiness, charm, beauty and comforting ambiance are a staple to the Venusian composition. Taurus is often swayed by emotional responses instead of reason and at best can be distracted by primitive urges alternatively than suppressing them. Their strongest asset is their biggest weakness because Taurus can be exceptionally stubborn on being firmly set on their self-interest or can become emotional codependent on others. Compounding other placements in their natal chart can lead to very harsh and critical individuals. At times of high levels of stress, however, they can be a practical voice of reason to any chaotic and destructive situation. This year, Venus returns to its home sign, Taurus, during Taurus season beginning on May 15th, 2019. And as sister planet to Earth (astronomically speaking not astrologically!) it is a fast-moving planet and changes signs every few weeks. During this period of time, integrating harmony, indulgence, commitment, and pleasure into our lives will be at the forefront of our relationships. As a cautionary note, possessive tendencies are a part of Taurus’ nature and will also be in full effect, testing control issues and careless indolence in relationships. This period will have all signs of the zodiac hyper-focused on their bank accounts to make sure that the coin is on the up-and-up so pampering can take place later on.


With Venus being the core of Taurus, emotional exhaustion can create disharmony to the wandering Bull when it faces stubbornness at it’s peak. Due to Taurus’ disposition of being a fixed sign, their heart chakra is prone to imbalance when they least expect it. This may occur if they do not receive the same emotional reciprocation in their relationships. Focusing their heart chakra energy center will help Taurus with balancing their stubborn nature. The body is filled with seven energy centers known as chakras, beginning from the root chakra in the pelvic region channeling up towards the crown chakra in the cranium of each individual on earth. Depending on every personal journey, experiences vary and may create blockages, excess, or deficiency in different chakras. The heart chakra, or the Anahata, is associated with the color green and imbalance can lead to emotional and physical symptoms such as, but are not limited to: restlessness, difficulty trusting others, impatience, irritability, lack of empathy, insomnia, increase of blood pressure and decrease in immune system function. Healing the Anahata, or any other chakra, isn’t a one-off scenario such as, “If you do this, it will cure you of that.” Like all new things, it requires practice, intention and having to confront painful issues of the past in order to change your current life is part of the healing too. There are many ways Taurus can begin to heal the Anahata. Examples being through sacred gemstones, meditation, yoga, changing up their diet, or saying positive affirmations to practice empathy for others. A simple way of creating instant empathy is what the Chopra Center of Wellbeing calls playing the “What if” game to recognize where the other person is coming from and not to take things so personally. Even if it happens to be a friend or a family member that is inflicting a constant position of hurt, Taurus can still learn to offer love from a distance helping to keep their stubbornness at bay and creating healthy boundaries for themselves and their emotions.

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