Aquarius Awakening Humanity

11th House of the Zodiac, AQUARIUS – Jan. 21 – Feb. 19


Pause and take a breath for one beat — January has been rocked with torrential and jarring events that have left humanity wide-eyed and fearful of a WWIII scenario playing out as a worst potential outcome for 2020 ahead. The Capricorn Stellium threw down it’s iron hammer jolting everyone around the world that the US could be going to war again in the Middle East and this time, with Iran. January 3, 2020, the US unilaterally assassinated Iran’s top IRGC commander, General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, Iraq, via drone strike. In an unprecedented event Iran retaliated with missile attacks hitting Ain Al-Asad, a US airbase in Anbar, Iraq — a first since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. This intense news was a watershed moment, leaving many scattered on what to believe regarding already strained US-Iran relations and what the definition of sovereignty actually means. With all personal opinions aside, the international community has set universal humanitarian guidelines when it comes to a country choosing how to operate within it’s own borders. Indubitably the US military functions and has been reputed as an international watchdog for decades bringing “peace” to places around the world engaging in atrocities against humanity as it’s objective. With the Capricorn Stellium still reverberating into Aquarius season, is it the time for division or unity? Or will we suddenly be caught off guard needing to pump the brakes with an even more deadlier can of worms?


The tit-for-tat political slander coming from both countries were far from inane and flared heavily on everyone’s conscious in the first couple of weeks of January, especially after Iran coincidentally shot down a Ukrainian airliner leaving Iran killing all civilian passengers on board. Nothing of this kind had happened in the region since Iran Air flight 655 was shot down by a US warship stationed in the Persian Gulf  in 1988. Needless to say the 1988 event had left an acrid taste on most Iranian’s mouths from the first Gulf War. From the CIA’s 1953 coup d’état to overthrow Iran’s Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh for wanting to nationalize Iran’s oil reserves, to the Islamic uprising of Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, to the toppling of Reza Pahlavi beginning the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Iran-Contra Affair during the Reagan Administration, and even to this day US officials misleadingly blaming Iran for 9/11 —  it’s a no-brainer that Iran and the US have a bone to pick. Luckily, that picking gets put on pause as the ruling planet of Aquarius known as Uranus, activates our higher minds and sense of self to hold restraint from conflict.


Traditionally, Saturn being the masculine and feminine ruler for both Capricorn and Aquarius, it takes a backseat in contemporary astrology allowing Uranus to influence some of the Water Bearer’s best qualities. We all have that ideal Aqua individual in our lives that always seems to come off intellectually cool-headed, open-minded, creative yet, rebelliously free spirited that Saturn as a ruling planet would be a juxtaposition to this idea…so let me stop you right there. As the divine balancer of life there is always a day-and-night component to everything and Saturn is no exception to this rule. The amalgamation of being an air sign of fixed quality, plus saturnine energy fuses in a way that makes Saturn kind of look like a bad***. It’s a rebel that’s going to test, judge and set boundaries, help other’s unconditionally, promote problem-solving and be down for the cause. Aquarius having Leo as it’s polarizing fire sign with it’s ruling planet the Sun, this opposition is considered to be a disadvantage point. In actuality, however, the viewpoint of traditional Saturn to Sun opposition gives immense focus and discipline to those with a Sun, Moon, Rising, or strong natal chart influence in Aquarius using it’s intellectual vitality to solitarily work in discovering new ideas and passions.


The influence of Uranus dictating Aquarius introduces the steadfast nature of progressive transformation making it quick and easy for Aqua’s to adjust and go with the flow in any kind of social environment. The spice of Uranus gives the Aquarius personality eccentricity, rebellion, unpredictable changes and reformation. The forward-future thinking Aquarius is set to push away constraints from humanity and lead toward freedom of speech and movement. Positively, Uranus encourages us to get deep with ourselves and others exploring individuality and originality. Even with this sign having total red flags of unpredictable rebelliousness and irresponsibility as it’s weaknesses, we are extremely fortunate for Uranus’ zodiac placement during this time during all of these events happening in January 2020. Uranus is a reactionary planet and has an 84 year cycle to travel through the twelve houses of the zodiac. 


So I know you’re dying to ask me: Why won’t we see a meltdown of humanity as we know it come Aquarius season if Uranus is a reactionary planet???


Currently, Uranus is in Taurus and is in this zodiac cycle from 2018 – 2026. The insight of cosmic pattern guiding Uranus compounded with Taurus, the Venusian earth sign enlightening us to seek more harmony, pleasure, and quality of life into the world are both saying the same thing: chill the-f out. This is not the time to get down with some cause just for the sake of beating a different drum. And the prospect of putting energy into something that will not yield more comfortable and harmonious endeavors is not worth it at this time. Uranus in Taurus speaks to the acknowledgment of physical fragility and with earth signs, their dictation is everything within the material realm — our decisions toward freedom will swing toward tangible frugality. Knowing one’s own capacity is the key to self-preservation. You remember the Capricorn Stellium is still taking place, yes? Well, this recipe for having two planets in earth signs (Saturn and Uranus) communicating with another are saying: focus on you boo. There will be much bigger fish to fry in the coming months than to get all caught up in a war with Iran, triggering the end of humanity as we know it. We are challenged to take collective steps back to reexamine our relationships to helping ourselves, helping others, and helping our planet. Any protest for change will be for future harmony to come.

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