Virgo Shaping Up the Vibe

6th House of the Zodiac, VIRGO – August 23 – Sept. 22


As the intensity of summer begins to wain just as the shading of autumn leaves appear on trees, we close summer wanting to focus and reinvent ourselves before cooler days arrive. Having Virgo positioned at the end of August helps ground the energy humanity is collectively feeling before the seasons change.  


The disappointed virgin maiden-goddess, Virgo, is the hardworking earth sign of the zodiac that kicks our butts into high-gear to get sh** done.  The ability to analyze and compartmentalize everything and place a black and white judgement on things is the foundation of Virgo’s moral codes — is their power to bring everything into order (even though things can be completely unorganized in their minds). Virgos can spot a fake person in a heartbeat just by their moral codes alone! The virgin goddess tends to be a stickler for the rules and if they relaxed their moral codes a bit, they would be more receptive to reaping the jovial benefits of life. Separating the idea of a Type A personality from Virgos being straitlaced and prudish is often a difficult stereotype to break… especially if you know of a Virgo who’s a blast to be around. Virgos usually take their sweet time to open up to others and do not tread lightly when talking about their emotions that they find irrational to reason. Virgos place a lot of their attention on the details and if you’re ever looking for a good listener, you will be able to confine in a Virgo friend to remember and follow-up with details about a story you shared with them. The flip side to scrutinizing over details leaves Virgos pining over things that no one is else is preoccupied with and thinking they missed a detail slowly kills this perfectionist from the inside out.


There’s a deep sense of humanity or distrust at the root of why Virgos are considered the overtly cautious zodiac sign of the twelve. Virgo is the feminine, mutable earth sign of the zodiac sharing the mutable square with Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini. Virgo is the feminine version of Mercury who shares this planet placement with Gemini, an air sign. Along with fellow, sister-earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, Virgos are also tremendously grounded individuals and their perfectionist ways provide them with the energy to keep things going. They live for routine and practicality and like things well-planned out in advance so there is little to no chance that things can go wrong. Their raw intelligence and honesty is what makes Virgos attractive, but if not regulated Virgos can have the personality of one of the four horsemen — judgmental, over-critical, exacting, and slow. Mercury, as previously discussed with Gemini, is an auspiciously conflicted planetary influence to have as a ruling planet. The Messenger, Hermes/Mercury, allows Virgos to be excellent conversationist who can think quickly on their feet. Virgos have razor sharp memories and their inquiring minds can drive them to learn a topic from start to finish. However, this personality trait of being overcurious or too critical often leads them sucking concepts dry and being misunderstood by others. Virgo under Mercury causes the reputation of this sign to be the most capable yet difficult of all the zodiac. 


Fault-finding due to their perfectionist tendencies is what Virgos directly suffer from in their daily lives. If they had less details to account for, they license more room for their imaginative pursuits to come to life. To ease up on the fault-finding nature of this sign, consolidating is a concept that must be practiced regularly so those with strong Sun, Moon, Rising, or natal chart influences in Virgo do not become stuck in trifling matters throughout their entire lives. Consolidating not just thoughts, ideas, and concepts, but actual things in life allow for the beauty and joy of life to flow more freely from and to this sign. While the sun is in Virgo, Saturn will be ending it’s four-month retrograde and will be going direct in Capricorn September 18th, 2019. Since Saturn is going direct during the last few days of Virgo, the effects of the earthy Saturnine karma is more strongly felt than if it was to be going direct during another element’s house. The paramount feeling of this time will be overwhelmingly anxious in wanting to sit down and assess whats working and what’s not working in life. Out-dated lessons of the past dealing with boundaries, limits, responsibilities, and authority will be coming to an end as Saturn goes direct during Virgo season makes it very beneficial for all signs of the zodiac to bring things back down to earth that have been left up in the air by Saturn retrograde. The best way to utilize Virgo’s strength and incorporate eastern philosophical reasoning during this time is through the Konmari method.


The Konmari method created by Marie Kondo, is a technique of tidying up your life with using the concept of “sparking joy” to keep and maintaining something in one’s life through an emotional lens of analysis. This method seeks to challenge Virgo’s tendencies of being too consumed by details and asks them to take a step back and evaluate whether something is a necessity or not in their lives. The Konmari method is designed by category – not by rooms… and with this simple approach to compartmentalizing – Virgo will already have a leg-up on being able to consolidate the unnecessary from their pre-distinguished categorical lives. The real question is, will their emotions work with them or against them to resolve this dilemma?  Virgos will be able to self-identify with the six basic rules of tidying when it comes to imagining their ideal surrounding world and depending if their imagination to creating a lifestyle for things to go right, they can expect to be very powerful and fruitful horizons. Once Virgo has purged some things and life lessons after Saturn retrograde they will be feeling like new in the month of September.


If Virgo allows for their emotions to help the details, they will be able to soar higher than others could ever dream.

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