Pisces’ Call to Coyoacán

12th House of the Zodiac, PISCES – Feb. 19 – Mar. 20


The twelfth and final house of the zodiac, Pisces, is the water mutable sign that finalizes the revolution of the zodiac calendar. Being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces embodies a bit of each sign and because of this, it can relate to many people in social settings leading them to be quite popular in developing genuine friendships with caution. Their calm demeanor and trustworthiness creates an essence of mystery and mysticism to them. Pisces is the third sign in the element of water sharing traits of fluidity, sensitivity and imagination with Cancer and Scorpio. Natives under a Pisces Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign tend to be emotionally empathetic beings with high artistic, intuitive capabilities who are also ready to lend a creative helping hand. Pisces is the water element in the mutable square with Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius — they go with flow and find it easy to be versatile and predisposed to change.



Many artisanal crafts and arts can be found throughout Coyoacán.



Pisces in traditional astrology is the feminine sign of Jupiter. Piscean people are blessed with a positive planetary influence to work with, especially when endeavors dealing with the future become worrisome. In example, if they were to have Saturn as their ruling planet, they wouldn’t be as flexible or be able to bounce back as readily when promises or hardships of others go awry. Being under Jupiter’s leadership, they are able to overcome being succumbed by setbacks by maintaining a positive demeanor of optimism when facing imaginary problems or trifling situations. Having high ideals and open minds, Piscean individuals are charitable, selfless and compassionate which aligns them always ready to take up a worthwhile cause. Jupiter being a truly favorable sign to be ruled by, wasting time or resources on poor influences can create destruction in Pisces life which is to be avoided. Unless there are other major planetary influences in one’s natal chart, a lack of judgement on solid facts and rationale can develop within Pisces to where accepting a stance on things simply not going their way without looking at the bigger picture as to why will produce avoidant behavior. And when things do go wrong, instead of dealing with the issue head-on versus blaming it on their bad luck, they form an escapist, daydreamers mindset which gives into the saying that Pisceans look at the world through “rose-tinted glasses.”



Wide streets and buildings of all colors and personalities make the neighborhood vibrant and unique.



This 2019 Pisces season has been affected heavily by Mercury Retrograde began on March 5th and is set to go direct on March 28th. Mercury Retrograde is known for its stir up in delays and miscommunication and essentially is a bad time to sign contracts and for things to go wrong overall, or so we think in our minds… With a focus in Pisces, feelings, relationships, ideas and situations from the past can resurface during this time, giving you a chance to revisit things and advance them further, understand them better, or find the closure you need. By the influence of the full moon in Libra that just passed, the quintessential aspects of these planets is to harness planting seeds for the future and fostering greater spiritual growth.  For Pisces, Mercury Retrograde will leave you in a fog and mostly confused throughout the entire month of March. Wait for Mercury to go direct before making any rash decisions and know that this uncertainty is temporal before you decide to pack up everything and leave the country!



Casa Azul Museum – The house of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.



If Pisces still has the urge for a fresh start after the retrograde, at the helm of Mexico City is the bohemian artistic neighborhood, better known as Coyoacán — the place exactly where Pisces would want to be. Coyoacán is a Nahautl word meaning ‘place of the coyotes’ and was established as the first Spanish settlement of the New World and known as New Spain by Hernán Cortés. It is part of the Centro Histórico of Mexico City, though, gentrified as most neighborhoods of metropolitan big cities, Coyoacán has sustained its traditional artistic roots and has been able to transcend its spiritual presence in new forms. With cobblestone roads and beautifully painted homes of every color of the spectrum, residents of Coyoacán take pride in keeping their neighborhood vibrant and well-kept. There is a force immediately felt when you enter Coyoacán. There is overwhelming beauty every corner one turns and followed by rich history and delicious food. Most street names are named after other cities, like Calle Berlin or Calle Lordes, where Casa Azul, the house of  the famous Mexican painters, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera is located. This neighborhood is home to many other museums and cultural sites such as, the Leon Trotsky Museum — someone that was a close friend of Frida and Diego. Pisces would love these intimate interactions with the culture and those that are drawn to Coyoacán to where they will naturally fit in. There’s El Mercado de Coyoacán which is a big open-air market that you can walk around, shop for folk crafts while enjoying a quick bite at one of the many food counters inside. Jardin Centenario is a greenspace surrounded by quaint restaurants and cafes where Pisces will feel the spiritual love of families and lovers around.


Centrally located, Coyoacán is easily accessible via metro, taxi/Uber or by foot and getting lost among the many streets and cultural sites is a landscape that Pisces can truly get lost in to find themselves.


Carved out silhouette of a human in Parque Viveros de Coyoacán where you can see lot of locals getting their jog on or matadores practicing for their bullfights.

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