Aquarius’ Outer Peace

11th House of the Zodiac, AQUARIUS – Jan. 22 – Feb. 19

The eleventh house of the zodiac, Aquarius, ossifies an auspicious knack for being the unassuming sign of the zodiac. Aquarius’ personality is the hallmark sign for absorbing knowledge, having prominent ideals coupling with forward-thinking, making it the sign that humanity needs. Aquarius is at times, the rebel with or without a cause, gravitating towards the esoteric and occult. 


It is also the fixed air sign in the group squaring Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. Meaning, individuals who have planetary influences under this star do not vacillate when it comes to living out their lives — they stay true to who they are regardless of any situation. In traditional astrology, there are planets in each house that represent a feminine and masculine aspect of the planet — minus Cancer and Leo, which are the only planets ruling the Moon (Cancer) and Sun (Leo). In example, Taurus is the feminine version of the planet Venus, while Libra is the masculine version of Venus. In this instance, feminine signifies the manifestation of and masculine means the projection of a planets qualities. In modern astrology, Uranus is associated with the Aquarian water-bearer versus in traditional astrology, where it is assigned to the masculine version of Saturn. Aquas do carry a sense of Saturn’s qualities such as discipline and wisdom, however, it is Uranus’ influence that charges Aquarians personality to embody the essence of seeking change, harvesting originality but most importantly, valuing freedom over everything else in life. 


Aquarians are an air sign characterizing fluidity, communication, and open-mindedness as their top exquisite features. Their unassuming nature gives them the leverage to be frank and friendly individuals to the point of shape-shifting, publicizing engagement in a myriad of social environments. Their rebellious nature and tastes for revolution are infectious, leading others to join their spontaneous endeavors once Aquarius has effectively ruffled their feathers. Due to their intellectual favorability, when they are unable to curb notions of eccentricity, indolence or boastfulness is when they land themselves in hot water. When Aquas learn to hinder these traits, they seldomly experience withdrawal from others. More often than not, they tend to be lone wolves, hungry for social change, creative and tech-savvy enthusiasts, who can be hermit-like at best, passionately craving for the next big shift. A well-rounded Aquarian will have consistency at the root of their foundation. Aquarians who keep consistency in mind will be able to continually show up for the emotional demands of when humanity calls.


Aquarians thrive on a headspace unlike any other sign; one that vibes in unanticipated and unpredictable rhythms. Music is an nexus that Aquas respond readily to especially when it helps in maintaining their workflow. Groovy, syncopated beats magnificently charge Aquas energy into full throttle. The latest album by Toro y Moi, Outer Peace, encapsulates the much needed burst of funk energy, being the Lo-Fi protagonist of Aquas day-to-day life. Ordinary Pleasure, Freelance, and Who I Am are the bread and butter of the album in aiding an electro-dream-pop pace for those Aquarians who enjoy getting creative projects done behind the computer. Other back to back tracks like Miss Me feat. ABRA, New House, and Baby Drive it Down deliver the breakdown beat for Aquas to take a step back from their work for their next process of examination. 


Sonically, Outer Peace is a homage to the future and the now. Mashing new sounds with upbeat dance rhythms and existential lyrical epiphanies that speak to the chillwave Aquarius rides on through life.

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