Capricorn’s Dwellings


10th House of the Zodiac, CAPRICORN Dec. 21 – Jan. 22


That’s a wrap! 2018 is officially OVER. So wipe that sweat of your brow, give yourself a pat on the back, because your hard work prevailed this year – due to it being a year of firsts, risks, and restarts. And to celebrate, what better zodiac sign to show you how to end the year by going out with a bang and beginning the new year like a champ? Oh don’t be so bashful Capricorn! We know your “work hard, play hard” motto all too well!


The Sea Goat is the last earth sign of the zodiac and being also part of the movers and shakers Cardinal signs club (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) — these four signs are known as the vanguard in ushering in the seasons. Cappy brings in the winter starting on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, the longest night of the year. Reflectively, they are the natural leader of being the sign of brightness in the darkness. Making the best of what they have, they dominate the material realm, taking on life lessons of endurance and patience through work and perseverance. If you know a Capricorn, they are often considered of having the embodiment of an “old head on young shoulders” aura. Mature, responsible, serious, and often studious, fit the bill of what an individual with a lot of Capricorn in their natal chart looks like — this can be Sun, Moon, Rising, or even Venus sign as well.  As you breakthrough what is misunderstood as an icy exterior (unless you crossed the line too soon!) eventually over time, Capricorn’s experience and progression through life give them a chance to release that inner child. And once Capricorn is comfortable and trusting around you, they are undoubtably fun and can find irony in the most unlikely of situations. Capricorn does everything to the nines, and they are sure not to skip a beat when it comes to spending quality time with family in their homes.


Ambitious Action-taker

Goals, goals, goals. They are the fabric that make up the realist burrowed deep in the Capricorn soul. A doer with grand dreams, driven to do big things in life making all ideas they have tangible. They find self-respect and achievement through demonstration. Known for being master strategists in getting what they seek; the urge to climb the mountain like the goat that they are, without fail, the highroad becomes the only option in Capricorn’s mind in reaching the peak. Methodically, to know when they’ve arrived is the name of the game and their end goal is what motivates them. Their strengths rest in the ability to be secure with the steps and systemic processes that they take in life which no one can take away from them. Capricorn is aware there are times, however, when they can overwhelm themselves with over-the-moon goals. At the best of times, they can get discouraged while trying to keep their head above water in the thick of a project or a responsibility they want to live up to. Visual aids are essential to goal planning. That is why Capricorn needs to have a vision board in their home, work, or continuously habited environment to manifest their dreams. What is a vision board? Laconically, it is the original Pinterest. It is a physical board, that can be anything as simple as a piece of construction paper, cardboard, with clippings from magazines, newspapers, of assembled images, inspirational quotations, etc. formatted like a collage.  Even Digital renderings are a possibility too, so feel free to get creative as possible, the sky’s the limit! Placing this in a space where its known to be looked at everyday, absorbed, and reminded of what’s being worked towards to help attract what is desired in life. This is done through concept known as, the power of creative visualization. The power of creative visualization can be ideas of the dream home, dream vacation, dream health, dream job — anything that is of value that is wanting to be present. Some might have it synonymous with the theory better known as, The Laws of Attraction. This repetition of setting positive intention towards Capricorn’s goals, and the need to create measurable steps, and celebrate milestones is imperative to Capricorn’s longevity. The tendency is that they identify with a myopic lens to reaching their goals, and truly forget to stop and smell the roses from time to time. The realization that the need to recognize themselves as a work in progress to avoid perfectionism is key, and vision boards help with smoothing out the process, and not allowing ideas that have yet to be manifested to bottleneck. Let’s face it, Capricorns can be procrastinators just as much as every other sign, so don’t kid yourself! Check out these ideas and the “think differently” concept for creativity on thinking outside the box and how to keep the eye on the prize!


Reading Nook for the Book Bae 

Let’s face it, its the holidays. Ever short of not knowing what to gift a Capricorn? Most often than not, another book to add to their extensive book collection will do the job. If you encounter a Capricorn that mentions they have never dreamt about having their own library, call their bluff. Capricorns LOVE reading and just like the majority, the truly know how to relax and lounge. They are known bibliophiles. Getting cozy with a juicy novel to where they can decompress and exit planet Earth for a few moments is something they need to do consistently to stay balanced. Saturn aka “Father Time”  develops an appreciation for life’s peculiarities in its ebbs and flows, harnesses a sentiment of never taking anything for granted, and making the best out of every situation. Tradition in maintaining the status quo of what came before, preserving and learning from that in the past to create firm understandings of the histories of something’s functionality, present and future is a derivative of their eclectic reading prowls. The reading nook is the quintessential aspect of a space that Cappy can dedicate to one of their prime interests.  Bookcases or having built-in shelving in a room is the route to achieve this idea. Having their books displayed and exposed, lures in endless conversations from house guests (that of which favorite titles and authors they share) and also getting some private time in a daybed or an accented tufted chaise. With a strong cup of coffee, a nice glass of wine, or a mug of hot chocolate, reading to family after a long day is exactly what any goat needs. Incorporating an earthy palate of hues whether its burnt umbers, rich espressos, or sandy textiles are conventional routes to go. Touching on a bit of color psychology, having an emphasis of a bright crimson in the fabric cushions, paint or rug is known to help with focusing and picking up on details. If you are craving more creativity, switch up the crimson with a brilliant azure. Simple reading nook concepts with Jonathan Adler leaves no idea space for reading either too big or too small.


Capricorn Crystals for the Spiritual G.O.A.T.

There is no doubt that crystal healing. is becoming more ubiquitous as New-Age “religions” or spirituality come to the forefront of mainstream consumption. In finding an alternative route to growth and understanding the openness and tolerance to tap into crystal properties grow. There are abundant crystals/gemstones that help with emotional blockages, physical ailments even channeling into psychic gifts. The ones that you gravitate towards are purely meant for you. Looking at three today: Peridot, Azurite, and Garnet across the spectrum, these will help to aid Capricorn when in need. Disclaimer, the power comes in the belief of these crystalline properties is what derives their power! Peridot in a light green, slightly iridescent stone is a positive stone that stimulates the heart and encourages openness. Capricorns are immensely honest, loyal, family oriented, strong in building a sense of community/companies, and are very willing to help others and those that they love. They are always doing things for the collective group of people surrounding them and really want the best for others, even when it doesn’t blatantly look like it. They have a tough exterior with a soft inner core. With Saturn, Capricorn is given a keen sense of practical and spiritual wisdom. They embody the longevity and endurance of humanity in wanting the will of good things to unfold. Peridot speaks to this aspect of Capricorn and what higher frequency can be achieved in higher psychic realms using this gemstone. Azurite with its vivid blue coloration with bands of green, and copper content, stimulate the pursuit of the heavenly self, intellectual areas, developing intuition from within, and relieving stress. Azurite is also strong in stimulating psychic gifts and can benefit in bringing truth to the surface and information retention into business. It promotes clearing grievances and worries. A few of these grievances to release come from the convoluted nature that Capricorn faces when something is done and handled differently. The need to accept and relinquish control over the idea that not everyone has the same end-game as their own, and not having a defined goal to strive for is okay for others and themselves from time to time. Garnet, the January birthstone, familiarity in a deep vibrant red and sometimes dark pink, revitalize serenity by extracting negative energy from the body that Capricorn is prone to harboring. This negativity is the root of too much expectation Capricorn puts on themselves, what they aren’t living up to, and what others should be giving in return, leading to doubt and fear of failure. This can cause them to be authoritative and dictatorial. There are moments in a very off day where Cappy can be unforgiving, cold, harsh, carrying emotional burdens, and rigid to new ideas. Garnet creates good vibrations and increases abundance. It allows for Capricorn to take a solution-based stance to issues and tolerate scattered behavior in creating loving relationships for themselves and others. The rule of thumb of bringing crystals into you life requires purchasing in person. Reason for this, stones carry a lot of energy within them. Having the senses (like Capricorn does) to distinguish which stones you want is based on vibration and look. You pick the stone, the stone picks you. It’s a mutual agreement. If you are short on time, you can take a chance and purchase online. Though, I suggest it be wise to check out local business to see what kind of stock of stones they carry, retaining the shop owners insight, supporting their business, and simply going for the experience. A great exercise in stopping to smell the roses! Hope this article has exciting for fellow Capricorns and we’ll see what the start of the new year brings!

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