Design for Your Sign — Scorpio

A collaborate piece, derivative of the zodiac sign, Scorpio and and inspiring a monthly interior design perspective. This article was written in tandem with the lovely, Diana Verduzco  and was originally posted on her site.


8th House of the Zodiac, SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 21

Welcome to the water sign stationed at the heart of autumn jumpstarting the holidays — that’s correct people, we have officially entered magnetic Scorpio Season! Fellow Scorpios are all too aware of their duality of mystery meets passion, intensity poles competition, while independence fuels determination. Ruled by the feminine (negative/yin) planet of Mars, natives of this sun, moon, and rising sign are all too keen on one sole characteristic that unites their house — the drive for transformation. Having an endless sea of change with immense power deep below the surface and guise of a calm exterior (keeping hidden what Scorpio is not ready to reveal) giving them a chance to do better without leading on others to their secret dreams. Let’s create the safe space within Scorpios homes that they can run to for balance when they are experiencing their very highs and lows and the need to be alone! 


Privacy Please

  This is no secret, Scorpio has a reputation that precedes itself for being the sign of the zodiac that is all about darkness. Illuminating this essential component is not necessarily a bad quality at all for this fixed sign. Being observed from the opposite side of the spectrum, Scorpio is able to look into its shadowy subconscious in order to take what they feel from the inside and manifest it into the outside world. Though this is a catch 22, hence, it requires Scorpio to desire plenty of privacy to silence the outside world to unlock and decompress into their true selves when they get home. Dark palettes can give the illusion of privacy. With that being said, incorporating heavy window treatments and drapery with blackout linings delving into velvety blacks, sapphires/ultramarines, eggplants/plums, burnt hues with offset lamps and dim lighting create a private isolated environment to call Scorpio’s sanctuary is exactly the mood. The need to visualize their own path tapping into Scorpio’s mysterious side – from oriental textiles with ornate rugs and pillows or Spanish tiles really register this idea. With the Libra cycle as antecedent, Scorpios still require a sense of balance – whether its industrial, brushed metal furniture against billowing and luxurious draperies, or feminine accents paired with masculine elements, balance is key nonetheless.


Mind -Altar-ing Experience 

In this era of conscious awareness, disconnecting and reconnecting with nature is integral to a work-leisure balance. Meditation corners with a means of escapism helps Scorpios to practice visualizations of what they want, their goals and putting purpose into their lives reversing any vestiges of creativity. Scorpio’s mission to transform into their higher self, by staying grounded and fluid within themselves, is easier said than done. Having two types of spaces is essential: one that is ultra open to allow for them to be receptive in bringing out positive characteristics and another accompanying more private, dark space, to ease them into being away from everyone.. aka that of course being the bedroom (we’ll get to that later on). Such as an altar with eastern influences — preferably an outdoor patio or even designing a labyrinth with statues and a water feature will complement Scorpio’s deep mental complexities. Having sound resonate through wind chimes, bells, quartz crystal bowls, or a mini gong to strike upon entering this space helps shift and release trapped energy within it and break blocked energy that builds up within Scorpio’s workday. Its transcending and meditative, helping to soothe and bring about a sentiment of peace and harmony within the space. The en vogue trend is using quartz crystal to ignite a pure and relaxing sound into your home responding not only around you but within you as well. Hence our bodies are composed of a crystalline structure, the pitch triggers its listeners into a calm meditative state. Once you bring this edition into your home you’ll wonder, where has it been all you life! Whether building your own pond, stationary fountain or purchasing; fountains are gorgeous additions to your outdoor space. Showcase them on your patio, pool area or in your garden for a beautiful, relaxing yet intricate design to usher in a unique beauty and personality to your home.


Bedroom Banter

 Sex sex sex is usually, if not almost always, the name of the game with this passionately charged water sign. Sharing their most intimate space with very special and select partners who will get to see, absorb, and enjoy the passion and radiance that is Scorpio’s ritualistic craving is far and few between. The ambience of the bedroom is a place they can unleash and showcase their true energy, “shadow selves”, as it takes them forever to open up. The use of candles and velvet fabrics are exactly what Scorpio desires to express themselves without inhibitions. And not just physical manifestations are enhanced in the bedroom but emotionally too. A safe space for Scorpio to open up and share their dreams with their beloved is the quintessential pillow talk that Scorpio simply cannot go without. Needing time to reflect, scents are one of the key gateways to transcend for healing. Finding an earthy, musky sort of candle will calm and comfort Scorpio versus making them feel rambunctious and agitated. What helps make Scorpio feel like they are in nature? This smokey birch soy candle does the trick when it comes to feeling one is in tune with Mother Earth and can help unwind into a deep slumber or evening romp. RH offers crafted, sumptuous pure cotton velvet bedding, pre-washed to highlight its plush softness. The duvet is backed in a silky-smooth cotton sateen. An exquisite accent, the collection pairs beautifully with all manner of sheeting. Yearning for anyone to plop themselves onto after a stressful day. 


I hope these inspirations create a gateway for you to navigate time spent at home during this Scorpio season.



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