Design for Your Sign — Sagittarius

A collaborative zodiac driven piece covering a monthly installment of interior design and what Sagittarius would gravitate towards and flow well with in their home. This was written in conjunction with Diana Verduzco and was originally posted on her site.


9th House of the Zodiac, SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

POOF! With a blink of an eye and throwing caution to the wind, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fiery, independent Archer that warms all our hearts and homes during the buoyant winter holidays…Drum roll please! For I give you: Sagittarius. This mutable Jupiter-ruled (planet of luck) sign is inspired, knowledge seeking and adventurous with a typical jovial disposition and having a can-do attitude towards the world; Sag is ready to take on life’s challenges acceptingly. If one were to engrave the expression by Ralph Waldo Emerson that, “life is journey not a destination” into a public vicinity it would be signed —Sagittarius. While Sagittarius is out in the world leaving no stone unturned, let’s make it a mission for their home base to be a constant and continuous source of vision and nostalgia.


Wanderlust Warriors 

Best part in coming home for Sagittarius after their travels is being able to admire and share with their house guests where they’ve traveled, while relishing and exchanging in fond memories. Displaying their travel trinkets and mementos helps Sag to stay reinvigorated and grounded at home in their downtime. Giving them “aim” in where they would like to venture off to next while not forgetting past time experiences. Being willed and passionate, a Sagittarius individual collecting items as they traverse the earth helps bring out remnants of their flamboyant personality. When accentuating a space, whether its a side room, living room or bedroom with found items, Sagittarius’ intellectual curiosities of exotic destinations, belief systems, and cultures come to the forefront of their living quarters. Hence, Sagittarius takes on the persona of the everlasting student, their quest for freedom, progression and the need for change can make this sun/moon/ascendant sign a bit antsy at times. A creative and easy way to keep focused for this sign is to engage in mini projects that have a quick turnover. Building shadowboxes are a great way to aggregate and organize some of the special discovered items in Sag’s home. There are many on the market and come in all styles and motifs. Having shadowboxes to store and display travel treasures create snapshots of each individual travel and invite endless sociable conversations. Desire to take it one step further? Perhaps adding a written piece of paper to the shadowbox of what philosophy/mantra/ or “ah-huh” moment was discovered from that specific trip to give that memory an extra bit of intimacy.


Everyday Exteriors

Sagittarius’ relationship with nature and having the ability to satisfy the thought of entertainment in an outdoor fashion allows their backyard to serve as a great portal for a mini change of space. California rooms and meshing the feeling of indoor comfort with the fresh outdoor air brings serenity and a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Sagittarians can be true social butterflies. The love of meeting new people and acquiring foreign friends while traveling gives Sagittarius the opportunity to entertain and host various festivities such as pool parties, barbecues, etc. in their home, extending those highly anticipated international invitations. Though not to bring down the hatchet, Sagittarius can be known for excess yet expressive behavior. But wait, is that necessarily a bad thing? Noting how it is a sign of movement in mental and physical respects, this character quality can lead others who lack in social interactions or have shyness to be more open and comfortable —its just knowing where the limitation is and where to draw the line for others and for themselves! A sign known for moving towards greater experiences in broadening the mind, this sign can inspire others to “roam with them” in various types of studies in bridging deeper humanitarian ideas. Sagittarius advocates for the noble cause of: truth, freedom and belief. When these concepts are literally projected into the home, it’s a safe bet that centered around where everyone has historically received “channeled” information, has been through the giant screen that we formally call a television. The suggestion of having an outdoor screening area with projector helps gather groups together to view and share travel photos, watch and discuss documentary films or stream an app from outside versus the traditional inside TV, or even watching sporting events. What this creates is an option (which I may add) Sagittarius loves!! Cozy yet minimal, rustic and natural textiles for an outdoor day bed set the relaxed natural ambience for Sagittarius to unwind and hit play.


“Let’s Get Physical” “Patience is a Whaaa?”

Insofar, briefly touching on Sag’s struggles with excess with others and themselves can lead to some tricky situations… even though Sagittarius is overwhelmingly positive, its easy to underestimate that issues don’t normally manifest with them! But hey, they’re human too! And perhaps alleviating some of that physical and mental tension can be released more effectively in a home gym? Why not. Sagittarius loves to test boundaries and push limits especially when it comes to physical endurance. Having a space dedicated to personal fitness and an activity is very much essential if no other engagement is taking place outside the home. Pulling all of their latent abundant energy together in applying it inwards towards the body clears the slumps of dismissive or cynical behavior that Sag can find themselves attached and succumbed to from time to time. Whether it is weight-lifting, stretching, cardio — whatever Sagittarius finds enthusiasm in and works for them can lead to zealotry. Remember, moderation is always a good rule of thumb and have fun! Target makes it exceptionally easy to brainstorm ideas in creating the ideal diy home gym. A small space to call your home gym in a part of the garage, bedroom, spare room, or out in the patio does not have to be over the top or overpriced. It just needs to have the balance of what works for you, Sag. And overtime Sagittarius you will know what works and what doesn’t. I hope these design and lifestyle choices help create the change you want to see in your home and into the new year!

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