Pisces Procrastinating a Pandemic: Through the Veil of Their Rose-Colored Glasses

12th House of the Zodiac, PISCES – Feb. 19 — Mar. 20 **** At the pinnacle moment of the Chinese Lunar New Year transpiring toward the beginning of Aquarius season in January, parts of the world begin experiencing the first phase of the novel coronavirus pandemic, covid-19. Initial reports coming out of Wuhan, China at … Continue reading Pisces Procrastinating a Pandemic: Through the Veil of Their Rose-Colored Glasses

Judy Baca’s Influence Radically Dictates an Acute Manifestation of History in The Great Wall of Los Angeles

Cement and asphalt comprise main factions of Los Angeles’ urbanscape. Compartmentalizing dwellings to inhabitants, corresponding endless routines intertwining and flowing in simultaneous congregation. What stands apart from LA’s concrete vernacular from other major metropolitan areas is “The History of California” aka the Great Wall of Los Angeles -colloquially known as the LA river murals.

The Original McDonald’s Museum Flaunts Pertinent Authenticity

McDonald’s Hamburgers fast-food chain will be turning 69 on December 12, 2017. What does this Americana approach to eating on the go say about our history and relationship to food and seizing “the dream”? I reflect on a visit back in 2016 to the ‘Historic Site of the Original McDonald’s’ museum…as it garishly represents itself -and rightfully has the liberty to say-so. The disturbance of trying to keep the integrity of innovation family orientated submerged.

Grandma Prisbrey & The Delicate Uncovering of a Bottle Village

The proverbial context of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is laced with so many indirect depictions of truth that almost all humans can relate and find identification. There are a few artists who illustrate this direct translation and run with the concept in the most unlikely of places. Case in point, Tressa “Grandma” Prisbrey’s delicately constructed Bottle Village in Simi Valley, CA, where she began her passion project during the geriatrics stages of life beginning in 1956.

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WORK 01 SparkNeuro A long-form writing sample discussing the link between emotions and decision-making in consumer spending. When we perceive a buying situation to be completely rational, subconsciously it is much more than that. WORK 02 SurveyMonkey Two short-form writing sample pieces for email marketing and site navigation windows.