Pieces Made by Moj

This collection of jewelry represents ancestral desert lineages and the interwoven trajectory of the future.

Every piece in this collection is a one-off original piece fabricated with readymade materials and is meant for everyday wear. All pieces are made with love. Please see inquiry options below.

The Musa Collar

11.5-inch copper wire collar with light umber wooden stained beads and light sand-shaded beads toward the back of the metal fastener. The wire-wrapped gemstone is Moldavite, a crystal of transformation. Unavailable.

The Celeste Collar

13-inch copper wire collar with a puka shell pendant surrounded by hematite beads and sand-shaded saucer beads toward the back of the metal fastener. Hematite crystal absorbs negativity and aids with healing. Unavailable.

Sand Dunes Chocker

14-inch copper wire chocker constructed in a simple yet unique pattern with sand-shaded wooden beads and colored beads of transparent plum, periwinkle and lavender. Encompassing all sands of the world. Unavailable.

Hyper-space Bypass Collar

13.5-inch copper wire collar fabricated from braided up-cycled electrical cable with metal fastener. Name derived from one of my favorite sci-fi novels of all time, can you guess which one? Unavailable.

Olympus Mons Collar

13.5-inch electrical cable collar fabricated from up-cycled landline cable with copper fastener. The Obsidian copper wire-wrapped gemstone is meant to clear negative emotions. Available.

Tierra Firma Chocker

12-inch cooper wired band with a 2-inch copper fastener. Honey-toned Tiger’s Eye gemstone beads intermittently strung with spherical up-cycled wooden beads create the look for the Tierra Firma Chocker aka, the “Solid Earth” Chocker. Available.

Harvest Moon Necklace

18-inch up-braided, cycled electrical cable necklace fabricated with a 2-inch copper fastener. The Harvest Moon Necklace constructed out of a carrot-hued electrical cable is the everyday wear piece for humanity. It’s warm hue brings a pop of edge-y color to life under the luminosity of the full moons in October 2020. Available.