The fascinating tranquilities and chaos that design divine interpretation is open-ended and transformative. This is where my motivation to write and perspective coexist. Finding unconventional natural beauty in the derelict and forgotten, classic and ethereal, the ancient and the young – I am a storyteller. My writings derive from the need to understand the void we all fill – to unhinge control allowing for the moments to flow and the wisdom to be saturated.

My understanding of the impermanence when we cross the divided line, when form and ideas take shape to no extent is unbound what creative discontent manifests to fruition. Knowing celerity does not always have to be present in order to have justification to exist. For when celerity is uncertain, the chance to make better within the cosmos unfolds.

I am a graduate of California Lutheran University and striving my efforts towards achieving my JD. Currently, I am in the process of finishing a collection of prose & poetry to be published in addition to a play based on actual events. My inter-disciplinary medians are graphic art, photography, and performance – I connect and reflect upon every instance which seeds an iota of axioms.

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