Hi there! Thank you for visiting my site. I am a writing professional with 8+ years of management and public engagement experience. My background traverses both research and narrative-focused writing, publishing, and coordinating practices for academia, the arts, and nonprofit organizations. I am well-versed in social media and multimedia content creation. I am excited to think in ways in which traditional mediums might be reified within our continuously transforming cultural and technological environments. 

Connection with those around me is one of my core principles. In building lasting relationships with both co-workers and clients, I value independent and collaborative challenges that aid in fostering growth for all involved and thrive in complex situations using creative problem-solving. My interpersonal skills flow adjacent to my interests in psychology, counseling, and ordination. I am dependable and organized — my work illustrates my passion for both people and prose. 

My background in writing, project mgmt, front of house mgmt, and personal assisting fused together, allow for my elasticity for what I can do and continuously improve upon in any given situation. I am drawn to all opportunities in the realms of the arts, nonprofit, wiring/editing, publishing, content creation/organization, research, academia, multimedia, and ordination.

Please contact me for all inquiries.