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Venus Wasteland Choker

Is 14.5-inches with a copper wired band including a 2-inch copper fastener. Similar to the perspective of the Peace Lily in the vase, the Venus Wasteland Choker with rose quartz chips and puka shell pendant promotes peace and harmony. Rose quartz is a gemstone which purifies the heart chakra called the Anahata. Sold.

Setareh Kavir Choker

16-inch copper-wire band including a 2-inch fastener. The Setareh Kavir meaning Desert Star, is a chocker that can be worn individually or layered. The grounding properties of Tiger’s Eye gemstone help with harnessing and channeling scattered passion into focused grounding energy. Sold.

Hyper-space Bypass Collar

13.5-inch copper wire collar fabricated from braided up-cycled electrical cable with metal fastener. Name derived from one of my favorite sci-fi novels of all time, can you guess which one? Sold.

Sand Dunes Choker

14-inch copper wire chocker constructed in a simple yet unique pattern with sand-shaded wooden beads and colored beads of transparent plum, periwinkle and lavender. Encompassing all sands of the world. Sold.

The Celeste Collar

13-inch copper wire collar with a puka shell pendant surrounded by hematite chips and sand-shaded saucer beads toward the back of the metal fastener. Hematite crystal absorbs negativity and aids with healing. Sold.

The Musa Collar

11.5-inch copper wire collar with light umber wooden stained beads and light sand-shaded beads toward the back of the metal fastener. The wire-wrapped gemstone is Moldavite, a crystal of transformation. Sold.