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Sedona Corazón Choker

12-inch copper-wire band with a 2-inch fastener. The muted/ standout features of the Sedona Corazón Choker are comprised of a simple yet sophisticated pattern of rose quartz chips and yellow glass beads. Rose quartz promotes self-love, friendship, deep sentiments of peace healing wounds of the heart. Available.

Illusion Bender Necklace

Laugh, let your hair down. The Illusion Bender is the necklace to jumpstart the year from a wiser perspective. If we can get through 2020, we can get through anything. Known as Mexican Agate and the laughing stone, Crazy Lace Agate, is a gemstone that when worn omits optimism for those who want to enhance their abilities to see past the mirage. Made with recycled cream telephone cable, this necklace is a one-size fits all – stretching from 14.5″-18″ including it’s 2″ copper wire fastener. Available.

The BB Necklace

Just like all good witches do on the last full moon of the 2020 — you wear and charge your crystals. The BB aka Bruja Blanca,  is a piece that corresponds directly with the Full Moon in Cancer. The BB’s band is made out of 16.5″ copper wiring including a 2″ copper fastener is a piece sure to have you fixated on the wire-wrapped Rainbow Moonstone that is centered amongst white glass beads and miniature yellow beads at the backing. When one wears Rainbow Moonstone their psychic abilities and intuition are strengthened. Available.

Zagros Choker

Like all mountains that were once under water, the Zagros choker with it’s bold key lime green coral beads strung between double white glass beads is a piece representing biodiversity. With a 15.5inch long band with a 2inch copper fastener, Zagros brings out the mutual cool and warm undertones of the skin. This necklace is made from recycled coral and hematite chips which both derive from different access points of active lava. Available.

Allen Trance Choker

Is the non-binary essential statement choker. The Allen Trance choker is a 13.25inch long choker with a 2inch copper fastener. This necklace is made from black recycled, braided audio cable and adds a touch of sonic vibration to your textured ensemble. Available.