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The Pariah

Is a choker and earrings set combining the warmth of the sun and the lush verdant green of the earth. The design is simple and classic at it’s finest. The earrings are made out of tiger’s eye stone which are hexagonal in shape, strung with 11 white glass beads measuring at 3 inches in length. The choker is constructed out of tiger’s eye chips, white glass beads and a 3D geometric malachite stone at the center. The choker measures at 15 inches including it’s copper fasteners. Available.

The Hypatia Choker

Designed from a fragment of azurite geode and named after the famed mathematician of Alexandria, Egypt, the Hypatia Choker is piece of old tradition. Azurite is known for being the gemstone of the heavens. Those seeking it are in turn, seeking divine guidance to doing the impossible through a pragmatic mindset. Made with up-cycled green video component input, copper wiring and fastener at 14.5 inches. Available.

I Dream of You Sometimes Choker

Is the last of the rose quartz series and just like a dream, its energy lingers throughout the day in the best possible way. It is 14.5inches long including a 2inch fastener strung with a pattern of rose quartz, hematite and turquoise chips bringing the synergy of these gemstones to life. Available.

Olympus Mons Collar

13.5-inch electrical cable collar fabricated from up-cycled landline cable with copper fastener. The Obsidian copper wire-wrapped gemstone is meant to clear negative emotions. Available.

Cobalt Springs

Is a choker and clip-on earrings set dedicated to all the beautiful naturally occurring hot springs and thermal pools of the world. From Pamukkale to Las Grutas de Tolantongo, the Cobalt Springs choker and earrings set embodies the crisp blue water and sulphur mineral deposits all in one and meant for all. The design is intended to be non-binary as you don’t need to have pierced ears to where these one-of-a-kind earrings. The choker is made out of recycled cream-hued telephone cable. Sold.