Libra Leveraging the Cosmic Realign

7th House of the Zodiac, LIBRA — Sept. 22 — Oct. 21


The transmigratory portal which opens on the Fall Equinox sets the stage for renewed fervor as we channel a lighthearted approach through Libra season. Just like everything else that is abnormal about 2020, moments of shock and awe generated by planetary clashes of bottlenecked energy reach their apex at the end of September. This energetic purge during the next several weeks starting at the end of September and into October 2020, will be some of the most powerful that we as humans will go through in our lifetimes. Is this the time to take the necessary plunge into fostering constructive radical self-acceptance and empowerment?  Feeling like you’re being ripped a new one is only the beginning. 


Fundamentally, we’re left at a chaotic yet, stable period when the sun leaves Virgo on September 21st — Mercury is in Libra starting on the 5th, allowing for intellectually more friendlier and sociable communication vantage points to drive us through the Mars retrograde in Aries on the 9th. September presents itself as a rewarding period despite being a stressful time of the year in welcoming the season’s change. There’s plenty of unconscious characteristics that we take to focusing and sorting out the details of our lives that come from Virgo’s toolbox that we don’t recognize until later.

Ever looked back on a situation and think: How did I survive that period of time of my life which exhibited so much trauma and suffering?

It really depends on what’s happening in the cosmic game of volleyball above our heads. Virgo gifts us with copious earthy energy that when we transition into Libra we’re essentially running through life with our feet barely touching the ground. What gives us an extra push of grounding energy before the sun shifts into the 7th house of the zodiac is, the New Moon in Virgo taking place on September 17th. New and full moons can have their energies resonate up to week prior or weeks later based on the power surrounding the moon. Remember as an astrology hack, new moons always take place in the same house as the sun — i.e. Sun in Virgo, New Moon in Virgo, while, the full moon takes place in its polarity — i.e. Sun in Virgo, Full Moon in Pisces. The New Moon in Virgo is all about perspective and finding new ways of doing things while adding a splash of common sense to all aspects of our lives. 


Symbol: The Scales

Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Mantra: “I Balance”



Going back to what I mentioned in the Libra Living in the Modern Landscape Dream post, when we enter the 7th house and on, these astrological houses build on the partnerships and energy exchanges with others in the world — versus the first six houses are in regards to the self.

Libra is the air sign guided by their ruling planet, Venus, seeking harmony and balance in their fair-minded state of mind. When operating in an “as above, so below” point of view, Libra’s weakness of indecisiveness is due to their strong sense of impartiality — leading them to be easily manipulated by other’s as they tend to decide for them. Avoiding confrontation, they are often seen as people pleasers in order to delicately control the perceptions other’s have about them in the most diplomatically relatable way. For Venus being their virtue, Librans cannot break from conformity which associates air signs of being overtly logical and mental… even in the love department. Libra’s emphasis on the “we” versus the “I” while focusing on others can at times, lead them to self-sabotaging tendencies — often being envious as they look out thinking the grass is greener on the other side, instead of looking inward to reinforce love and happiness. For desiring harmony, beauty, compromise and balance, their idealizations and perfectionist mindset will withhold them from being able to fully emotionally indulge with others if their insecurities get the best of them. When Sun, Moon, Rising or strong natal chart influences in Libra are present, a common dysfunction arises in Libra projecting a false persona, again, — to control the perception other’s have of them. Best self-regulatory rule for all signs (but with Libra in particular), is to harness self awareness to recognize the part that they play in relationships when things go awry instead of relying on toxic positivity to not dig deep. The catch-22 of Libra since they are considered “mirrors” to others in mimicking their personality is, they can easily pass an opinion and have strong judgement of others but can move at a snail’s pace when trying to understand themselves. Having the nickname, “Lazy Libra” due to the tendency to fantasize about the life they want and their active passivity of creating the life they want. Libra’s insecurities and validation seeking nature will hold them back from achieving their dreams if they don’t outgrow this mindset and put the work in.


Libra’s phobia of disconnection from the collective and fear of the unknown clashes heavily starting the first week of Libra Season 2020. As the Mars retrograde in Aries is the polarity of Libra, the intensity of frustration becomes amplified when Saturn squares Mars on September 29th, 2020. Saturn being direct on this day is like trying to wade through wet cement — you get nowhere and it feels like you are existentially in reverse. This presents an opportunity to gain a different perspective hence, Saturn being the planet of delays and obstacles will force us to confront the Mars placements that we have in our charts in how we use our energy and our power.  Saturn being the ruling planet of Capricorn, is also in the cardinal modality as: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cardinal signs bringing in seasonal change, this one is surely to go up in smoke if we’re not careful with the delicately veiled blessings the universe is trying to dispose upon us. Libra emphasizing the importance of pleasure and exchanging pleasantries all around will have the weight of the Mars rx hanging over us as we navigate this period of immense complexity — reinforcing our egos that we aren’t going to get what we want is going to be the toughest feat. Mars representing personal power and Saturn representing limits, this nexus is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. 


We’re up against a lot of challenges and having to disseminate a lot of information before the election — either we’ve been preparing all year for this moment or we’re about to see the chips fall where they may.


We’re gifted with another exceptionally intense day of the year on October 8th, 2020, when Pluto goes direct in Capricorn and we enter the pre-shadow period for Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury will be opposite of Uranus in Taurus and Pluto will be squaring Mars in Aries along with Saturn in Capricorn. A revolutionary time for transformation or deception, push ahead or surrender — know your limits or take action to expand your horizons — the choice is yours but ultimately it needs to be dealt with. Right before the Sun leaves Libra on October 22nd, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto being the last planets left in the Capricorn Stellium that are squaring Libra. The mask we all wear is starting to feel more suffocating than usual, hence, Libra is the sign that tends to mimic other’s by putting on a false persona toward them. The need for being a more authentic self for Libra (and all signs of the zodiac for that matter) during this time is going to take courage to strengthen the needed change in order to take off the mask. This period will aid in providing those with strong Libra placements to uphold their boundaries to the world that usually expects them to succumb at it’s feet.

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