Virgo Navigating the Virus Vortex

6th House of the Zodiac, VIRGO — Aug. 22 — Sept. 21


As we approach Virgo Season at the end of August, our mentality shifts into this earth sign’s house for the next several weeks, adopting a more calculated stance for timely affairs — yielding both positive and negative outcomes. Earth signs as a whole are the material realm gatekeepers of the zodiac. As their approaches vary from one another, their objectives to dealing with and manifesting the physical world around them often comes at the price of other non-tangible treasures from life’s garden. With both feet planted firmly on the ground, how does this sense of staying “down to earth” bring substantial change for those that ruminate in a regimented headspace?

Shedding a light on the covid-19 pandemic in September 2020, we’re hit with the grim reality of the total US death toll hitting 200,000 peoplelet that sink in. With a much higher estimate than what was originally projected for mortality rates, we are left scrutinizing over the details of this high death count while the sun is in Virgo. A byproduct of being in the virus vortex for seven months, and hearing the incessant claims around voter fraud and mail-in voting (over the summer) has lead to a landslide of early voter turnout — some who prefer lower voter turnout to boost their party’s gains would consider this a metastasizing threat.


The cosmic epiphany right before Virgo season on August 15th, 2020, blasts the vibe into turbo speed with Uranus going retrograde in Taurus. Even for the transit to be happening in the earth sign of the 2nd house, the surprises and abrupt changes that accompany a Uranus rx is due to this planet’s personality of unpredictability — that’s why it’s the ruling planet of Aquarius (the wildcard) in modern astrology. The second house is about material possessions, finances and essentially all fundamentals related to value — physical and nonphysical.  What transpires when Uranus goes rx versus Saturn is, Saturn being the ruling planet of Capricorn (and oddly in traditional astrology, Aquarius too) is like dealing with father-time; if you’ve been putting in work with healing your karma, the outcomes to life’s obstacles are most likely predictable in nature. When Uranus goes rx, the possibilities are endless and saying you never know what you’re going to get is an understatement at best. Things can and will go belly-up at the drop of a dime when you lease expect it. Connections axed, plans go bust, or just the gut-wrenching urge to drop whatever in motion in life and move in the total opposite direction of what is trying to be manifested. This is a period of no explanations, in keeping with the simple mantra of not trying to make something work that no longer serves the higher self. Stationing direct on January 14th, 2021, the collective will experience Uranus rx in Taurus having rippling aftershocks of whiplash for weeks to come. Hold onto your butts!


The planetary friction happening in the month of September is a swinging pendulum of grand brilliance and chaos. 

Full Moon in Pisces on the 2nd, Mercury enters Libra on the 5th, Venus enters Leo on the 6th,  Mars rx in Aries on the 9th, and Jupiter direct in Capricorn on the 12th.  


Symbol: The Virgin

Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Mantra: “I Analyze”



The overall shifts with the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are positive, in allowing for embellishing the galactic flow to keep flowing in a helpful and joyous way. The challenging aspect is when Mars, the planet of our primitive desires, actions and aggressions retrogrades in it’s own home sign of Aries from September 9th until November 13th, 2020. This inner planet doesn’t go retrograde as often as Mercury or Venus does. However, the intensity that this planet has in a retrograde position exhumes the  global unconscious anger that we cling to in the world. This Mars retrograde will compound Virgo’s qualities of committing to focused, determined and opportunistic energies in seizing the helm of grounded practicality. The mood (or rage) for preparation and delegating tasks sooner rather than later is the celestial push we get from Uranus rx for doing something that’s totally unpredictable and against the grain – i.e. — voting early, who’d a thunk it?  The proverbial statement, “be the change you wish to see in the world” is the pinnacle outlook during this time. Those that take the highest risk are always rewarded for their efforts.  Individuals with a lot of fixed or earthy planets in their natal chart will experience the most blockages, those with a lot of air will thrive. 

Being master organizers and compartmentalization experts, Virgo’s natural talent for seamlessly sorting information is this sign’s greatest asset. They can cut through the fog of dense information provided in any situation and come to crystalline clear solutions that would normally leave others in a tailspin. Wherever Virgo is present in the natal chart the details are extremely important to you. So much so, that if swayed by conviction in meticulously defending your viewpoint, the result can lead to an end goal that no one cares to understand. Often since Virgos share a limited headspace than others in the zodiac, their self-perceptions of themselves are closely in associations of feeling misunderstood. One caveat of having laser focus on details is the susceptibility to jumping to conclusions — an entrapment that most Virgos don’t see themselves falling victim to, even with their analyzing capabilities. 


Taking into account the initial quest for change in Virgo Season will have a burst of imaginative solutions and approaches to dealing with conflict and strife will be the advantage point we are dealt. But as the months and signs carry on, the difficulties polarizing Uranus rx morph into completely different circumstances as time passes. The sensation of wanting to reinvent oneself is strong and heartfelt until the end of the year and depending on how badly you want it, this reboot will eclipse your older self tenfold. 

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