Cancer Cycling on the Covid Current

4th House of the Zodiac, CANCER — June 21 — July 22


Emotions running full steam ahead pre and post-Summer Solstice since the can of covid-19 worms has been officially unleashed. All bets are off the table thinking society will return to normal any time soon. International travel to the US is still banned well into July… (minus a handful of countries) and covid-19 has effortlessly killed another industry — tourism. The surge comes as no surprise and at our own expense — also, no surprise there, either…


The Cancerean mood of the summer casts a wide shadow over July and into September, as we’re setup for having eclipses and retrogrades similar to that of 2019. The only caveat of Cancer Season 2020 is that it looks completely different than last year’s. In 2019, with all the obvious movement involving travel plans, trips and adventures, Mercury’s retrograde in Leo brought on a slew of completely different expectations that we were yearning for in our expressive, individual paths for transformation. Mercury rx in Leo of 2019 was a time to go extra on indulging ourselves, being dramatic and outspoken about our emotional proclamations. With Mercury rx stationing direct in Cancer toward the end of August 2019, we saw ourselves retreating back into our crab shells, so to speak — but with more grounding meant to buoy ourselves in the sea of constant emotional upheaval. 

Guess which sign Mercury rx transits through in Cancer Season 2020?

That’s right, Cancer. 

So buckle up, anything that comes with a fight will feel as if you’re pulling teeth…and if you fall for the stereotypical communication breakdowns that Mercury rx allots, then the universe is sure to leave you swallowing a little extra sea salt than usual. 


Symbol: The Crab

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Mantra: “I feel”



Cute, but crazy. Cute, but crabby. Cute and caring. Cute — but still a Cancer. 


For the better half of July 2020, we’ll be experiencing a heightened sense of déjà vu as the same planetary placement is dictating the skies as they were back in 2013 — when George Zimmerman was acquitted for murdering Trayvon Martin. The cosmic cocktail of the solar eclipse in Cancer, Mercury rx in Cancer and Sun in Cancer, is going to force the long overdue conversations of anti-Blackness, repeated messages of racism, police brutality, white supremacy and privilege once and for all. Does the air feel a bit stuffy in here to you?  Those with a Sun, Moon, Rising or strong natal chart placement in Cancer will be called upon to lead the way…but how? Cancer being the only zodiac sign ruled by the Moon, they are often referred to as the mom of the zodiac — while it’s earthy counterpart, Capricorn, is considered to be the dad. In times of great astonishment, when Cancer is called upon to perform their celestial duties, their roles become switched: from little girl to big mama — to little boy to big papa. When Cancer wants to be moody and coddled like a child surrounded by their familiar comforts, believe me, their loved ones give in. But when the momentous occasion of nostalgia arises for them to be nurturing leaders getting us to reconnect with our deepest sentiments, it sends everyone into an emotional tailspin. Hence, just because Cancer is an emotional water sign, does not mean they confess their emotions consistently. Overall, they are quite clandestine and withhold information to what’s going on inside of them — even though they expect everyone to be a mindreader to their emotions. The mother archetype of the Crab talks a big game when it comes to taking care of their friends, family or putting others’ needs before their own. Don’t get it twisted, Cancer indulges themselves more than any other sign, and won’t do anything unless being moved by fervent conviction.


As were swimming in the seas of change, guided by the tides of the Moon, the need for speaking the truth loudly for those in the back from Mercury rx will be everywhere. The worst of it will be in Portland, Oregon. Where the right to peaceful protest will come to the most dystopian climax of the Trump Administration: law enforcement taking protesters away in unidentified vehicles — echoing actions of the worst dictatorships in history. Having a better handle on our sentimental communication from the Mercury rx in Leo 2019, these protests of civil disobedience will not be met with silence, but rather, thought out, deep-seeded feelings that we can no longer hang on to related to the System. Our intuitions will be piquing, Confederate statues will be coming down, and traces of the Capricorn Stellium will be continuing to reverberate until the end of the year.


The rule of thumb is to never forget when it comes to the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, that they are the ordainers of change — their signs welcome the seasons after all. Summer 2020 is going to demand a whole set of inner work that is long overhauled. The short cycle of the Moon allows for it to switch signs within 2-2.5 days and complete a full revolution of the zodiac in one lunar cycle. For as small as a cosmic body lacking an atmosphere in the solar system, the Moon’s role in astrology has a major impact on the natal chart. There’s even a different name for every full moon of the month! In astrology, the Moon exemplifies our deepest personal needs, our basic habits, reactions and our subconscious minds. Energized by feminine energy, the Moon is both our inner child and inner mother/parent. The Moon for having a dark side that never sees the light of day still reflects the Sun’s light. It signifies how we protect ourselves, what makes us feel secure, comfortable and safe. The saying goes in astrology, if you truly know someone, you’ll see more of their Moon sign in them, driving their personalities than their Sun. And that is due to the Moon being the nexus between our inner and outer worlds. The Moon governs over fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, our daily emotions and how we choose to exhibit them. As burdensome emotions are at times, without them, the punishment to our soul’s and soul work would be too much to bare.


Initially sounding like a sign of stagnation, Cancer in the Tarot is represented by the Chariot in the Major Arcana — upright symbolizing movement and determination. The Chariot isn’t a card that is interpreted as carpe diem. Often it’s a complex card, laced with nuances of a possible, hard-won victory. The Chariot card itself illustrated with a warrior posed behind a pair of sphinxes, lions or horses (depending on the deck) while looking out toward the horizon fixated on their next pursuit. The Chariot symbolizing Cancer, is the sign of connecting polarities — the balances of darkness and light, feminine and masculine, mother and father and Sun and Moon. Control over unifying opposites is the success for the Chariot in the upright — reversed symbolizes failure and defeat.


The backing of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune during Cancer Season will propel us to manifest the Chariot upright — but not in all aspects of our lives. The only issue is that society is not ready to face the reality of covid-19 as a whole. As we are faced with challenging aspects in the sky, we simply will choose to cherry-pick which causes are worth fighting for, together. And in July, we’ll let the virus slip by the waist-side, allowing this specific defeat to set precedent and permitting the fight against covid-19 to snowball for the rest of the year.

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