Solar Conjunctions


“You see, when the dragon’s tooth is lodged behind the back of the knee, there is no way the captive can escape,” Vega said, demonstrating to his son as they crouched down beside the Fool. As the Fool laid flat on it’s belly, one side of its face looked drearily up at its captors, while the other continued to embrace the rough surface of the earth; knowing it was too weak to disagree. Laying there motionless, the impact of the dragon’s tooth pierced through the back of its right knee, seizing all impulses to fight back. This spot didn’t produce paroxysms of pain, no, but rather, a gradual clearing and cleansing that could be felt throughout its entire body. This feeling of clearing and cleansing allayed any previous notions of terror and anxiety the Fool felt just before its body hit the compacted dirt — sending shockwaves and reverberations straight to the Fool’s Third Eye. A few beats into the Fool’s Third Eye activation, the Fool heard Saturn laughing at it. “Haha-ah,” said Saturn, “Are you going to just lay there lifeless?” “I know my limitations, I am being still.” said the Fool. “Aww, keeping it simple I see, well then, don’t you remember your conversation with the Magician way back down the road?” Said Saturn. “I do,” said the Fool, “but I lack their creativity to escape.”

Saturn absorbed the Fool’s projections of limitation but knew the Fool wasn’t anywhere near its capacity. For Saturn knew the Fool’s limitations better than it knew itself; knowing it hadn’t reached its limit just yet, Saturn gave the Fool words of cautionary wisdom before leaving. “You will find power in the efficiency of keeping things simple.” The Fool gave a slow blink as a signal of receptivity, understanding the message before Saturn faded behind the Fool’s corneas. This entire conversation happened without Vega and his son ever sensing Saturn’s presence. Coming slowly back to reality, this illusory Maya faded into two pairs of staring eyes, Vega and his son wondering if it was still alive. With a little ego still intact, the Fool playfully propped itself unto its elbows, the rest of its body still flat on the ground, its faculties taking in the wisdom of Saturn and the effects of the solar eclipse that were being bestowed upon it. Drawing and twirling bits of dirt and lightly tossing small pebbles that it found, the Fool looked down at the ground. Its wry grin turned mischievously into a smile, then a chuckle and finally into an controllable laugh. 

“But don’t you see! I really taste no good!” The Fool said, as it continued with anxious laughter. “I have no years of experience and with the no years, it therefore leaves the meat on my bones bland as can be.” The Fool was taking a gamble with this statement, knowing it was intelligible yet simple enough for these galaxy travelers to comprehend. Not quite sure how it would be perceived, the only thing it knew was every second drew in a closer and greater understanding of its captors. With a stark look on his face, Vega’s son turned to face his father. Immediately Vega’s son flung himself onto his back, rolling around in a bout of childish laughter and roars. Vega’s face broke into a gentle smile as he turned to the Fool, “You’ll have to excuse my son, he knows our diet is strictly Arbolton. “Arbolton?!” Thought the Fool. “What do Arboltons eat?” Asked the Fool, as it tried to conceal its apprehension. “We eat all things that come from trees — leaves, bark, branches, twigs, even down to the roots depending on the tree,” said Vega. “So does that mean that you’re not going to eat me?” Asked the Fool innocently. “No dear Fool. We especially don’t eat Sea Goats.”

“Hmm. So what do you plan to do with me?” Said the Fool. “Well, oddly enough we trap aimless, wandering Fools and take them back to Lyra,” Vega said, as he began to tug at the dragon tooth lodged behind the Fool’s knee. As he festooned a thread to a needle to patch up the Fool’s wound, Vega’s son listened on. “And then?” Asked the Fool, What will happen to me?” “We teach you a part of life and give you experience, as you spend time with our artistic and musical troupes of course,” Vega said, cleaning off the dragon’s tooth and sticking it back in his pouch. “That way you will be able to use this experience in other parts of your journey.” Taking the Fool by the hand, Vega helped it to its feet. “And when will I be able to use these experiences?” The Fool was unable to find contentment in Vega’s words. Vega sighed, “don’t worry, all you have to remember is just keep it simple.”

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